55 adjectives to describe accessory

He has laid hold not of Catholicism, but of its merest accessories, which it might shake off any day, and him along with them.

Compared with so vast a power as this, the temporary use of your houses and territory is a mere trifle, an ornamental accessory not worth considering: and this too, if ye preserve your freedom, ye will quickly recover.

Architecture, landscape, and decorative accessories of every kind, the usual padding of quattrocento pictures, have been discarded from the main compositions.

A, chiasm of the optic nerves; B, optic tracts; C, motor oculi communis; D, fifth nerve; E, motor oculi externus; F, facial nerve; H, auditory nerve; I, glosso-pharyngeal nerve; K, pneumogastric; L, spinal accessory; M, cervical nerves; N, upper extremity of spinal cord; O, decussation of the anterior pyramids; R, anterior pyramids of the medulla oblongata; S, pons Varolii.

And now of these angelic and sainted accessories, however placed, we must speak at length; for much of the sentiment and majesty of the Madonna effigies depend on the proper treatment of the attendant figures, and on the meaning they convey to the observer.

A valuable accessory to such individual supervision over students has been found in the use of psychological tests which have been described by the author in a monograph entitled, "The Scientific Study of the College Student.

This is an agreeable affair of a maid, reputed Catholic heir to the English Crown, and used as pretext for an abortive rising against KING JAMES I. You can see that in practised hands (as here) and decorated with a pretty trimming of sentiment, abductions, witch-finding and other appropriate accessories, this furnishes a theme rich in romance.

His men had protested against this, a fence, however unseemly, being in their view an indispensable accessory to civilization.

He dressed well; he entertained with due respect for the most charming accessories; he took her to dance or theatre, or for a drive in the park or down the peninsula in a new, elegantly appointed limousine.

Build these cold light enlarger accessories.

All these little accessories seemed unnecessary to her.

The seated, kneeling, standing, and flying figures are admirably grouped together; their draperies are dignified and massive; and the architectural accessories help the composition by dividing it into three balanced sections.

Griffin went aloft with him, and together they stood leaning against the topmast rigging, watching the slow approach of those rays which gradually diffused themselves over the whole of a panorama that was as bewitching as the hour and the lovely accessories of an Italian landscape could render it.

As one gives up these artificial accessories, which really serve to blunt the palate, rarer and more delicious flavours in the sweet natural taste come into evidence.

There was no background of grand accessories.

" For an escaped murderer and his guilty accessory, I am afraid that our dissipation proved to be rather a colourless affair.

By annexes superimposed and ill-blended with his system, he sometimes compromised those scientific truths whose splendor bursts forth when they are freed from heterogeneous accessories.

"No struggle, not the usual hideous accessories round a crime.

The Assumption, like the Annunciation, the Nativity, and other historical themes, may, through ideal accessories, assume a purely devotional form.

Among the later Italian examples, where the old legendary accessories are generally omitted, there are some of peculiar elegance.

His fame, however, depends on his pictures of Irish life, and they are concentrated best in the literary accessories of the present melodrama.

Sculptures, both relief and statuary, in every stage of their development, were used as magical accessories to the offering rites.

On the morrow during her toilette the Queen received the principal ladies of the city, who had the honour of accompanying her to the temporary chapel which adjoined the principal saloon, where a high mass was performed with all the magnificent accessories of which it was susceptible; the numerous prelates and high dignitaries of the Church then assembled at Marseilles assisting at its celebration.

Mechanical accessories: swell tremulant, choir tremulant, bellows signal; wind indicator.

Those of the prophets who are supposed to refer more particularly to the Incarnation, properly attend on the Virgin and Child; but in the ancient altar-pieces, they are not placed within the same frame, nor are they grouped immediately round her throne, but form the outer accessories, or are treated separately as symbolical.

55 adjectives to describe  accessory