12 adjectives to describe adieu

Colonel Edmonstone soon afterwards came to see him, and take leave of him; and on his way home he could not forbear writing him a letter, bidding him once more an eternal adieu, and applying to him, as to a dying man, the beautiful French verses in which the Abbé Chaulieu, in expectation of his own death, laments his approaching separation from his friend the Marquis de la Fare.

Here was a short pause, a last embrace, a fond adieu, and the husband left the weeping wife on the strand, while he was rowed to the great ship which had already begun to hoist anchor.

Old nurse had attended to this department, and she caressed her pets, and smoothed their feathers, and breathing a sad adieu, turned to take a last look at her favorite Sullensifadda, as she had named her noble steed.

Some use P.D.A. (pour dire adieu).

His superior repeated his invitation with warmth, and waved his hand in a frank but temporary adieu; thus unconsciously suffering the man to escape him whose capture would have purchased the long postponed and still distant advantages for whose possession he secretly pined, with all the withering longings his hope cruelly deferred.

Bidding Lurton a grateful adieu, he hurried to St. Paul.

Thereupon we bade our dear and brave master a respectful adieu.

They sat chatting so long with him, that they were obliged at last to bid him an abrupt adieu, and hasten and make their toilettes for their dinner.

But presently he turned away, with an unspoken and final adieu.

The charnel house is opened wide, And thither's borne with brief adieu, And slumbering eyes laid beside Eighteen hundred fifty-two.

" In her disorderly chamber, too, Mrs. Jeffrey hobbled on one foot to the window, where, with a deep sigh of relief, she sent after the young men a not very complimentary adieu, which was echoed in part by the servants below, while Theo, on the piazza, exclaimed against the lonesome old house, which was never so lonesome before, and Maggie seated herself upon the stairs and cried!

He bade a cordial adieu to Malcolm, and insisted on his accepting of a silver stock-buckle, and ten guineas from his purse, though, as Malcolm told me, it did not appear to contain above forty.

12 adjectives to describe  adieu