36 adjectives to describe advancements

" "This one," continued the other gravely, "promises to be an unusually dangerous enterprise that if successful, will be sure to win the crew of the big bombing plane tremendous honors and perhaps rapid advancement.

This is a grievous error as regards the intellectual advancement of the children, and still worse as regards their health and that of the teacher.

There was selfish wonder in my heart as I listened to Clem, who, now that my second cup of coffee competed with the May blossoms, stood by to tell me of his worldly advancement and the nearing of a time when Miss Caroline should come among us to be independent.

But if Madame de Staël simply meant that society was destined to progressive advancement, as a matter of fact her view will be generally accepted, since God rules this world, and brings good out of evil.

Occasionally she got rest in staying at Plashet, but her life was a busy one, and hardly favourable to spiritual advancement.

The girl was also responsible for Kenneth's sudden advancement in the household at Elmhurst.

In this great city certainly there are thousands far more qualified than I to further your professional and financial advancement.

On the two occasions referred to in the reign of George III., the next heir being at enmity with the King and his ministers, this was considered the loyal and courtly doctrine; and, from its apparent advancement of the rights of Parliament, there was no difficulty in casting odium on those who opposed it.

Writer and lecturer on humanitarian topics, especially along lines of educational and legal advancement.

Why, man, Bermudez went to her, told her that my aspirations and my prospects were so and so,faring, brilliant,that she, only she, stood in the way, an impassable stumbling-block to my glorious advancement,told her, (devil!)

Whilst these are confined to the nations which gave them existence, and within their legitimate jurisdiction, they can not affect us except as they appeal to our Sympathies in the cause of human freedom and universal advancement.

Each step in this industrial advancement of the poor should, and must, if the gain is to be permanent, be followed closely and secured by a corresponding advance in moral and intellectual character and habits.

Without any high-flying in Christian morality, I cannot keep shrinking from the wish here expressed; at all events, I cannot sympathize with, or participate in, the expectation of "an infinite advancement" from men so motived.

We are not ignorant, however, of the incomparable advancement which the science of engraving has made in the lapse of the last ten years; or how far it has left behind those mere scratches of the graver which lit up our young admiration when a boy.

We hope that the movement now on foot, to give something like adequacy to the University Library at Cambridge, will receive the aid it deserves, not only from graduates of the College, but from all persons interested in the literary advancement of the country.

I regret to say that little further advancement of the object has been accomplished since last year, but this is owing to circumstances no way indicative of any abatement of the desire of both parties to hasten the negotiation to its conclusion and to settle the question in dispute as early as possible.

But when the rent is from five to nine or ten parts less than the worth; the bishop, if he consults the good of his see, will be apt to expostulate; and the tenant, if he be an honest man, will have some regard to the reasonableness and justice of the demand, so as to yield to a moderate advancement, rather than engage in a suit, where law and equity are directly against him.

He is enthusiastic and so am I, and we have not time, scarcely, to think of anything else; everything we do has a reference to art, and all our plans are for our mutual advancement in it.

Facilities of official advancement can little affect the bulk of the people under any Government, and perhaps least under a good Government.

They got no permanent advancement by this act of the President, but the future may develop better things for them.

Be watchful and diligent and let your mind be fruitful in devises for the honest advancement of your worldly interest.

There is in it always a progressan advancement from a lower to a higher sphere.

But the revolutionary movement has been checked and directed into the paths of a healthy natural advancement.

The wisdom of Congress will therefore, I am confident, provide for the maintenance of an adequate regular force; for the gradual advancement of the naval establishment; for improving all the means of harbor defense; for adding discipline to the distinguished bravery of the militia, and for cultivating the military art in its essential branches, under the liberal patronage of Government.

" Then they did it again, and again, and again, but without the slightest apparent advancement in the path of canine knowledge; and then they went home.

36 adjectives to describe  advancements