122 adjectives to describe advocate

She was a very zealous and practical advocate for vaccination, having been taught by the celebrated Dr. Willan, one of the earliest and most successful followers of Dr. Jenner.

Universal remedies, in various forms, met with strenuous advocates and deluded consumers.

They have all had in town able advocates.

A lightning glance, shot in his direction, was the eloquent advocate's sole reply.

Nobody can in earnest advocate the idea of leaving the solution of the problem to rude force.

These are, as nearly as I can give them, the words of one of our most distinguished advocates, and one of the most brilliant who was in the Penge case: "We felt, and the Bar felt, that a great power had come upon the Bench; he summed up that case as no living man could have done.

She had pleaded 'Not Guilty' at the pleading diet, and her defence was entrusted to Sir James Fenwick, one of the most eminent advocates at the Criminal Bar.

In some of the districts I think the amount of the rates quite sufficient to satisfy the most ardent advocate of high rates.

Place only before the most determined advocate of this odious traffic the exact image of himself in the garb and harness of a slave, dragged and whipped about like a beast; place this image also before him, and paint it as that of one without a ray of hope to cheer him; and you would extort from him the reluctant confession, that he would not endure for an hour the misery to which he condemned his fellow-man for life.

He was a good friend of Morse's and an enthusiastic advocate of his invention.

Accordingly we find some of the staunchest advocates of slavery, men who had been fattening on the oppression of the apprentices up to that moment the first, and the most precipitate, is their proposals of abolition.

It is thus often dangerous to broach the subject, and if an individual, more daring than people generally are when in the plague-infected latitudes of slavery, attempts to repudiate the views so unhesitatingly expressed by the pro-slavery advocates, that the negro race is but the connecting link between man and the brute creation, he is looked upon with disgust, and his society contemned.

" The name of Henry B. Stanton previously occurs in conjunction with that of Theodore D. Weld, as having left Lane Seminary with many other students, rather than be silent on the abolition question: becoming from that time a strenuous and powerful anti-slavery advocate.

Burton's Diary, iii. 98.] acts of oppression; with idolizing the lawyers, the constant advocates of tyranny; with neglecting the men who had bled for them in the field, that they might gain the Presbyterians who had apostatized from the cause; and with doing all this in order to perpetuate their own power, and to replenish their own purses.

Orphaned at three, she was raised by her uncle, a teacher and radical advocate for civil rights.

You have come forth, the unblushing advocate of American slavery;a system which, whether we study its nature in the deliberate and horrid enactments of its code, or in the heathenism and pollution and sweat and tears and blood, which prove, but too well, the agreement of its practical character with its theoryis, beyond all doubt, more oppressive and wicked than any other, which the avaricious, sensual, cruel heart of man ever devised.

Either in accordance with, or in resistance to the light, they became what he found themthe advocates of despotism.

" "Thou art a persuasive advocate, and I will think of what thou urgest," said the Signor Gradenigo, changing the frown which had been gathering about his brow, to a look of indulgence, with a facility that betrayed much practice in adapting the expression of his features to his policy.

So natural is the love of power, that it sometimes becomes the influencing motive with the sincere advocates of that blessed religion, whose very characteristic excellence is the humility which it inculcates.

I speak with more than the sincerity of a mere advocate when I express the belief that the case against us has entirely broken down.

Lord Russell was, then, the most prominent advocate of the bill which marked the administration of Lord Grey.

And he led her about the world so that she could see how everywhere the heavenly advocates were travelling, entering into the secret places of the souls, and pleading with each man to his face.

Now it was here that the extreme advocates of laissez-faire made one of their cardinal mistakes.

But the solution of it would not fail to be as honorable to the persecuted man of peace, as it would be disgraceful to the bloody advocate and executioner of Lynch law.

A brief observation of the astonishing results of abolition in those islands, effectually disarmed him of the latter, and made him the decided and zealous advocate of immediate emancipation.

122 adjectives to describe  advocate