539 adjectives to describe affair


The London merchants, knowing nothing about the internal affairs of Canada, backed the petition of the Quebec traders, who were quite unworthy of such support from men of real business probity and knowledge.

When he was in this peculiar condition of mindthe odd mixture of self-reproach, satisfaction, amusement and boredom that he felt now he always went to see Edith, throwing himself into the little affairs of her life as if he had nothing else on his mind.

History continues to furnish us with proofs of the little connexion this people had with other nations in their domestic affairs, notwithstanding their dependance upon a foreign power.

THE TRIUMPH OF SENTIMENTALISM (1776-1800) Goldsmith's application of sentimental ideas to contemporary affairs foreshadowed what was to be one of the marked tendencies of the movement in the last quarter of the century.

The disposition of all worldly affairs, the man dimly knew, was very anciently prearranged by an illimitable and, upon the whole, a kindly wisdom.

BUSH, ROBERT N. Cooperative contemporary affairs test for college students.

Edith was very clever, indeed, most ingenious, in managing practical affairs, as long as she was the director, the general of the campaign.

PERICLES RULES IN ATHENS B.C. 444 PLUTARCH (Under the sway of Pericles many changes occurred in the civil affairs of Athens affecting the constitution of the state and the character and administration of its laws.

"I am in possession of all the facts relating to the unfortunate affair of Midshipman Pennington, Mr. Darrin," began Captain Scott, after the interchange of salutes.

" Durnford was a man who had written much on naval affairs, and was accepted as an expert on several branches of the service.

About this time, I became possessed of another dwelling-house, and my temporal affairs were in a pretty prosperous condition.

"Reverend Sir," he said to the Gospeler, quickly, "in this sad affair we must be just, as well as vigilant I believe Mr. DIBBLE to be as innocent as ourselves.

"It is altogether a most mysterious affair," he observed sagely, being free, now that his late guest's perplexing disappearance was accounted for, even in that tragic fashion, to regard the business and to moralize over it without much personal feeling in the matter.

The common sense and common practice in everyday affairs seem to desert some people when they prepare to read the canonical hours.

Nearly a week ago I decided, after the worry and anxiety of thisthis unhappy affair, to go away for a short trip.

It was a grand affair, and babies came in arms.

The police, however, are mystified as to the reason of Mr. Leithcourt's sudden flight, and are anxious to get at the bottom of the curious affair.

"But at the same time I feel myself fully repaid for all I have undergone by the assurance of the loyalty of my friends and admirers, and the conviction that it is needless for me to devote any considerable amount of personal attention to ecclesiastical affairs.

During recent years, the development of the National idea has carried with it a marked tendency on the part of the people to look to the National Government for the correction of all evils and abuses existing in commercial, industrial, and political affairs.

The most material difference between the results in the two countries has only been that with us there has also occurred an extensive derangement in the fiscal affairs of the Federal and State Governments, occasioned by the suspension of specie payments by the banks.

"I did not summon you here to counsel you," she said still more coldly, "but to inform you that this disgraceful affair is to go no further, at least beneath this roof.

In 1775 the well-meaning Earl of Dartmouth was superseded by Lord George Germain, who continued the mismanagement of colonial affairs for seven disastrous years.

This looks at the moment," he continued, addressing himself now to the party in general, "like proving a very mysterious, and I will add, peculiarly delicate affair.

The two travellers took kindly to each other, and the unpleasant affair of the college disturbance was forgotten.

539 adjectives to describe  affair