174 adjectives to describe agony

Then my Beltane knew the bitter agony of coming death, and strove no more; but in that place of darkness and horror, a clammy something crawled upon his face, slipped down upon his helpless body, seized hold upon his belt and dragged at him fierce and strong; slowly, slowly the darkness thinned, grew lighter, and thenAh, ki

The scream of mortal agony which that bear sent up when our three balls went crashing through its body rings in my ears yet.

He looked a little careworn, as though with sleepless nights, but his strong, clean-shaven face was as resolute as ever, and betrayed nothing of the mental agony which he endured.

" It was when the meteor-like popularity of little Betty was at its height that poor Suett fell ill, at what he termed his town residence (a second-floor in a low street), and the pigmy Roscius, having eaten too much fruit, kept all London in intense agony for his fate at the same moment.

In speechless agony Don Camillo saw the boat glide, swifter and swifter at each stroke of the oars, along the canal, and then whirling round the angle of a palace, disappear.

It appears that a cottager, who lived in the village of Badesly, two miles from Lymington, frequently heard a strange noise behind his house, like a person in extreme agony.

Still fled he forward, looking backward still; Nor stay'd his flight nor fearful agony

He saw her returning to this poor house, condemned to nurse a sick old man; and he saw her, above all, in her grief, in her awful agony, when he should terrify her some day by dropping down dead at her side.

He saw the man himself, choking, sinking down beneath the black waters; heard the stifled cry from his palsied lips, saw the slow dawning agony of death in his distorted features.

It required a mental effort to move one foot past the other, and whenever one of the girls stumbled, her little cry of alarm brought untold agony to Holman and myself as we took a grip of the rope and braced ourselves against the happening which our excited minds expected any moment.

He gazed for a moment, with glowing, passionate eyes, upon that matchless formupon that angelic face, and thenhe clasped his brows in hopeless agony.

He died the next day, poor man, and his bedridden widow survived the shock of witnessing his dreadful agonies and death but a very little while.

But there he was seized with intolerable agony in every nerve of his body from head to foot.

It was the difference between putting up with a dull continuous pain you had to bear, and enduring a sharp agony you could end at any minute.

She shut her lips tightly, that she might not scream; the cold drops of sweat broke over her, in her dumb agony.

" The cruel agony stabbed his side again and again as henot unaidedgot upon his feet; and though he managed to gulp down his groans, no grinding of his teeth could mitigate his recurrent pallor or the pained contractions of his eyes.

He was conveyed to the plantation, lingered in inexpressible agony a few days and expired.

Talk of sudden agony!

This thought presented itself to his mind one night in October, as he lay tossing about in sleepless agony upon his bed.

But wretched he who chooses the sixth, whose hair falls from his head, whose skin peels from his body, and who lingers long in excruciating agonies, a living death.

there are few compared to the ones upon whose pallid, blood-stained faces one reads the last frantic agony of death.

And odd whiles, as I walkt, I called Mine Own by her olden love name, and by the new name of Naani; but never did she move or seem even that she lived; and surely my heart sickened within me with a mighty despair, so that a constant madness did begin to thrill in me and to make me something monstrous in strength, with my fierce agony and intentness to save.

At last they produced his death by the application of a poisoned clyster, by which he next day in painful agonies expired.

He knew in a vague way that he lay in a hospital-tent with other dying men, knew when they moved him at last because he could not die, suffered agonies unutterable upon an endless road that never seemed to lead to anywhere, and finally awoke to find that the journey had been over for several days.

No words can express the secret agony of my soul as I sunk into this companionship, and compared these associates with those of my happier childhood, with the boys at Salem House.

174 adjectives to describe  agony