153 adjectives to describe alliance

It is supposed by many to portend an alliance, offensive and defensive, between the King of Central and the Philosopher of Printing-House Square. FROM ERIE.

But Valais and Grisons were considered as cantons allied to the Confederacy, as were St. Gallen, Muhlhausen, Rothweil in Swabia, and other citiesall free places, subject to no princeunited with the Swiss by a defensive alliance.

That always makes for harmony and stability in a matrimonial alliance.

His supreme genius conceived and consummated the great scheme for ensuring the peace of Italy by a triple alliance of the three larger statesFlorence, Milan, and Naplesagainst the other two, Venice and the papacy.

In the House of Commons on Monday, August 3, Sir Edward Grey stated that the question whether Austria or Russia should dominate the Southern Slav races was no concern of England, nor was she bound by any secret alliance to France.

In 1734 a council was held at Albany at the instance of the Crown to provide the means for the defence against France in Canada, and it was then that Franklin submitted the first concrete form for a union of the colonies into a permanent alliance.

I can cheerfully enter into this foreign alliance, for the sake of producing peace, and shall leave behind me a name still green in history.

Well, sir, I do not solicit alliances; I solicit the maintenance of the laws of nations, that the unholy alliance of despots may not interfere with the natural right of nations, upon which yourselves have established the lofty hall of your national independence.

As soon as the ratifications had been exchanged, he proposed a more intimate alliance between England and France.

As the Grisons had equal cause with the Confederates to fear the power and purposes of Emperor Maximilian, the Gray League, 1497, and that of God's House, 1498, made a friendly and defensive alliance with Zurich, Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden, Zug, and Glarus.

He maintained a strict alliance with the Romans, and became master of Samaria and of Galilee, which were incorporated with his kingdom, so that the ancient limits of the kingdom of David were nearly restored.

The Resolutions speak of firm alliances, of brotherhood in arms, of a sympathetic and enthusiastic people; but not a word of regret for national friendships of old standing brokendesolation carried into thousands of happy homesEurope in armsAsia agitated and febrileAmerica sullenly expectant.

In his place there sat the Pedlar and Joe Rix; they were members of Lord Nick's chosen crew, and since Nick's temporary alliance with Lebrun for the sake of plundering Jack Landis, Nick's men were Nelly's men.

A man may often think that his social or financial position will suffer if he marries, unless he makes some brilliant alliance.

To continue this disastrous alliance longer is madness.

There also Ulysses saw Jocasta, the unfortunate mother and wife of Oedipus; who ignorant of kin wedded with her son, and when she had discovered the unnatural alliance, for shame and grief hanged herself.

In consequence of this, therefore, the nearer the loss of this fine conquest seemed to be, the greater were the efforts made by the maritime towns of the West to re-establish, on a more solid and lasting basis, a commercial alliance with Egypt, the country which they selected to replace Palestine, in a mercantile point of view.

Like the Romans, and all military nations, he knew the worth of making advantageous alliances, while he was clear-sighted enough to realise that the struggle with Mecca was inevitable.

Once these two are married, they have startedAbbey père and mère will then be unable to frown on Linda's contemplated alliance with a family that's produced a divorce case.

She had looked forward to a grand alliance for the heiress of Rosedalean alliance that should bring the family high up in the dominant hierarchy of the South.

Arnulf the Bad, leagued with the Hungarians, against whom Henry had great designs, had still much in his power, and Henry, resolved at any price to dissolve this dangerous alliance, not only concluded peace with this traitor on that condition, but also married his son Henry to Judith, Arnulf's daughter, in 921.

But while this splendid alliance brought wealth and influence, and secured chariots and horses, it violated one of the settled principles of the Jewish commonwealth, and prevented that isolation which was so necessary to keep uncorrupted the manners and habits of the people.

And as my prospects are not very bad, I presume we shall soon have leave to write again; and even to see each other: since an alliance with a family so honourable as Mr. Lovelace's is will not be a disgrace.

After more than two years have elapsed since the conclusion of peace and three since the armistice the League of Nations is still nothing but a holy alliance the object of which is to guarantee the privileges of the conquerors.

Philip also consulted the states-general on his projects of a double alliance between himself and his sister with the son and daughter of Ferdinand, king of Aragon, and Isabella, queen of Castile; and from this wise precaution the project soon became one of national partiality instead of private or personal interest.

153 adjectives to describe  alliance
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