35 adjectives to describe amiability

This might be what he desired; or with equal probability it might be the chance reflection of a childish and aimless amiability.

The first that this was the solution of the many things that had puzzled him in Julia; at once the explanation of her sudden amiability, her new-born forwardness, the mysterious fortune into which she had come, and of her education and her strange past.

"Death!" croaked Adam Orleton, who sat to the right hand, and, "Young de Spencer's death!" amended the Earl of March, with wild laughter; but Ysabeau leaned back in her great chaira handsome woman, stoutening now from gluttony and from too much wine,and regarded her prisoner with lazy amiability.

His only faults, so far as I can learn, arise from his excessive amiability.

Some of her recently printed lettersas that to Lady Anne Barnard, and the reports of later observers of her characteras William Howitt, tend to detract from the earlier tributes to her consistent amiability, and confirm our ideas of the incompatibility of the pair.

The tone of contemptuous amiability shows pretty clearly that the relations between husband and wife had in nowise improved.

Badinage with Russians so quickly passes to lively and noisy quarrelling, which in its turn so suddenly fades into quiet contented amiability that it is little wonder that the observer feels rather breathless at it all.

His eyesthey were dull grey eyes, and reddish under the rimsfell to my face, and his countenance immediately assumed an expression of corrugated amiability.

I noticed something suspicious in Jimmie's childlike innocence and elaborate amiability during our drive.

At the same time, he saw in the exaggerated amiability of his smile a desire to conciliate them, to bring sweetly before them something which he considered of doubtful acceptation.

"C'est ça" she said again with a hurried attempt at extreme amiability; "Dat it; oui;" and lifting her hand with some rapidity made a sudden eager reach for the purse, but failed.

Only the loudest and angriest remarks are audible to Millie, so I preserve an attitude of silent facial amiability in all my relations with her.

There was a smile on his lips, a false amiability in his eyes, but there was so much of madness in his heart that he was afraid lest at any moment he should dash the glass to the ground and break out into cursing.

She could never meet the candid sweetness of the other's eyes without a qualm of discomfort, and she suffered acutely under Eleanor's gentle amiability.

The combination of such genuine amiability in private life with such calculated brutality in public utterance constitutes a psychological problem which might profitably be made the subject of a Romanes Lecture.

Bessie was small, her form inclining to fulness, her face childlike in dimpled smiles and innocent blushes,betraying no lack of intellect, but most expressive of a quiet, almost indolent amiability.

And I said, 'I was educated at Harvard and in Leipsic; I am full of useless accomplishments, harmless erudition, and insolvent amiability, and I am otherwise perfectly worthless.

What with his folly, Sholto's mean conceit, George's hypocrisy, that man's vulgarity, Mrs. Fairfax's affectation, your insufferable amiability, and the dreariness of those concertina people, I feel so wretched that I could find it in my heart to loathe anybody and everybody.

Flippant social satirists cannot dwell with sufficient sarcasm upon the difference between the invincible amiability affected by artless girls in society and their occasional bitterness of aspect in the privacy of home; never stopping to reflect that there are sore private trials for these industrious young crochet creatures in which the thread of the most equable female existence is necessarily worsted.

Here was quartered a captain of cavalry, who found timeso brisk was he and so high-spiritedto welcome us to the best the place afforded, to help set the table for our belated supper, and to keep on terms of jovial yet punctilious amiability with the woman proprietor and her good-looking daughters; also, to require his troopers to pay the women, in salutes and spoken thanks, for every small office performed.

She received him with her usual languid amiability, and by degrees began to talk.

I must say that the old usurer received me and my bride with marked amiability.

"The rest of us were much diverted: it was a pleasant relief to our monotonous amiability.

The two men had known each other slightly for many years, and had always expressed the highest admiration for each other; but their mutual amiability was now to be put to a severe test.

I know there is an outward amiability about many young persons, some young girls especially, that seems like genuine goodness; but I have been disposed of late to lean toward your view, that these human affections, as we see them in our children,ours, I say, though I have not the fearful responsibility of training any of my own,are only a kind of disguised and sinful selfishness.

35 adjectives to describe  amiability