25 adjectives to describe anachronisms

Such anachronisms, however gross, are common to all the dramatists of that day.

They are guilty of a glaring anachronism in assuming the same opinions and prejudices to have existed in 1825 which are undoubtedly influential in 1858.

Perhaps this story is obnoxious to the charge of a slight anachronism, in representing the activity of the Indians a year earlier than any were actually employed in the struggle of 1775.

In my own opinion, the letter G, which is used in the Fellow Craft's degree, should never have been permitted to intrude into Masonry; it presents an instance of absurd anachronism, which would never have occurred if the original Hebrew symbol had been retained.

These new old villages often present some curious anachronisms.

In modern serious drama, therefore, the soliloquy can only be regarded as a disturbing anachronism.

One does occasionally, in manuscripts of a quite hopeless type, find the millionaire's daughter figuring as "Miss Aurea Golden," and her poor but sprightly cousin as "Miss Lalage Gay"; but the veriest tyro realizes, as a rule, that this sort of punning characterization went out with the eighteenth century, or survived into the nineteenth century only as a flagrant anachronism, like knee-breeches and hair-powder.

But, in the plays of the final period, all this has changed; we are no longer in the real world, but in a world of enchantment, of mystery, of wonder, a world of shifting visions, a world of hopeless anachronisms, a world in which anything may happen next.

Mr. Irvine's writings are literary anachronisms.

The little anachronism of translating after being translated you will also pardon; and talking of the tomb, let us return to Sannazarius.

The modern finger-glass and rose-water dish, which are an incidence of every entertainment of pretension, and in higher society as much a parcel of the dinner-table as knives and forks, are, from a mediaeval standpoint, luxurious anachronisms.

Turkey in Europe has dwindled to a strip along the Bosporus to the Sea of Marmora and the Dardanelles, Egypt has been lost, Tripoli also, and the only force that, for the last hundred years has kept alive in Europe the existence of that monstrous anachronism has been the strange political phenomenon, now happily extinct, called the Balance of Power.

To meet the exigencies of his plot, he sometimes takes liberties with the events of history, and there are occasional anachronisms in his work.

Did you pursue the same methods now, you would soon discover that you had become an offensive anachronism.

Indeed, the palpable anachronism in the legend which makes Euclid the contemporary of Abraham necessarily prohibits any such belief, and shows that the whole story is a sheer invention.

That is a preposterous and barbarous anachronism, and so long as it lasts our democracy is one-sided and incomplete.

The real labour of creation will still lie before him; but he may face it with the hope of producing a live play, not a long-drawn rhetorical anachronism, whether of the rotund or of the spasmodic type.

The hat that suited one at forty might be a sad anachronism at fifty.

Our Square is one solid anachronism.

Truly a suggestive anachronism!

In justice to myself and the readers of the MIRROR, I must be allowed to offer a few apologetic remarks on the almost unpardonable anachronisms which I so inadvertently suffered to occur in my communication on the subject of Dr. Johnson's Residence in Bolt Court.

Then, in August 1914, there was hoisted the German flag, superimposed with skulls and cross-bones, and all the insignia of piracy and highway robbery on land and on sea, and Germany showed herself an anachronism worthy to impale her arms on the shield of the most execrable domination that has ever oppressed the world since the time when the Huns under Attila raged like a forest fire across the cultivated fields of European civilisation.

In the days of Augustus Pan was a boorish anachronism; it was left to medieval Christianity to create a god who was in fact a shepherd of men and so to render possible a pastoral allegory that should embody the dearest hopes and aspirations of the human heart.

The legend is a charming anachronism, unless, indeed, Saint Luke was only a spiritual presence;but, as the whole incident was miraculous, the greater the anachronism, the greater the miracle.

To see thee kiss him Is a compleat anachronism.

25 adjectives to describe  anachronisms