469 adjectives to describe answer

" "And I can give you no more satisfactory answer," Gifford said.

"To-day," writes Müller on 7th September, "our income altogether was about £300a plain proof that we do not wait on the Lord in vain; for every donation we receive is a direct answer to prayer, because we never ask a single human being for anything."

In spite of our uninterrupted acquaintance with them, however, there are still many of the nearest questions concerning these birds for which I find no sufficient answers.

Othello I slept, though a question of no small importance was agitating my mind, demanding instant consideration and a definite answer before I again saw this friend and adviser.

I suppose we shall have to elope at once now, though?" Charteris gave her no immediate answer.

I made some evasive answer to Curtis, for I did not care to volunteer after my long day's ride.

An era as yet but in its dawn, when the stupendous future can be seen only as through a glass darkly? "Remember, I do not assert my faith in a theory which is indicated by an affirmative answer to these inquiries, for I have none.

Neuman, in hoarse, brief answer, denied it.

Here is the laconic answer, characteristic of the writer; frank and unabashed as the round, clear handwriting of the original, from which we copy: "ROME, June 2d, 1849.

Face to face with chaos, one knows not where to begin the work of building up an orderly mind; nor will the self-taught genius brook a hint of possible ignorance, or endure the discussion of dull presuppositions, without much pawing of the ground and champing on the bit: "What I want," he says, "is a plain answer to a plain question."

By that time I hope we shall have a decisive answer from Spain.

Protheus was greatly delighted at receiving this favourable answer to his letter; and while he was reading it, he exclaimed, "Sweet love, sweet lines, sweet life!"

Whether Reptilia and Mammalia existed along with them is to me, at present, a perfectly open question, which is just as likely to receive an affirmative as a negative answer from future inquirers.

"If you have not already done so, are you prepared to repeat your story to the police?" "Most certainly I am, if necessary," was the prompt answer.

And Constance Howard was told she must add up an unbelievably long column of figures and present the correct answer within half an hour.

So far, no one seems to have given a better answer than Froebel has done, when he says that the desire for stories comes out of the need to understand life, that it is in fact rooted in the instinct of investigation.

" No answer, civil or otherwise, from the youth by the pool.

The thought was in my mind that he would receive a very decided answer from the commandant without delay, and after a fashion that would not be pleasing to him, for it seemed to me that no sane officer could sanction an attempt to send out scouts across the open plain in the clear light of day, therefore one can imagine somewhat of my surprise when word came for Jacob and me to report at headquarters without delay.

My invariable answer was, that it was contrary to the principles on which I was elected to ask favours of any Government.

Some favorable answers had been received, others were delayed.

This Darrin did, in a courteous answer, as briefly as he could properly make it.

I think it my duty to inform you that I am daily expecting the definitive answer of the British Government to a proposition which has been submitted to it by this, upon the subject of the colonial trade.

The beautiful little face touched him very much, and the pretty French accent with which the child spoke seemed very musical to him, and added a great charm to the gentle, serious answers she made to the remarks he addressed to her.

When I have reduced these to nothingness I ask if the yellow house on the outskirts of the village is still vacant, and the Colonel replies that it is, at which unexpected but hoped-for answer I fall into a deep swoon.

I want an honest answer.

469 adjectives to describe  answer
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