241 adjectives to describe anxiety

His last clear thought had been an intense anxiety about his snow-shoes as they sailed away, two liberated kites, but as he went on falling, clutching at the airfallingand felt the alder twigs snap under his hands, he said to himself, "This is death," but calmly, as if it were a small matter compared to losing one's snow-shoes.

For instance, if any happened to be affected with a fever, little anxiety was manifested to discover its cause, or to adopt rational measures for its cure; it must no doubt have been occasioned by some evil spirit residing in the body, or influencing, in some mysterious way, the fortunes of the sufferer.

Now that I had seen an instance of the strength the creatures possessed, I felt considerable anxiety about the windows on the ground floorin spite of the fact that they were so strongly barred.

Kate dared not look out of the window, and sat in feverish anxiety while she was whirled along Pennsylvania Avenue, almost to the Baltimore Station, then the only one in the city connecting with the North.

I confess, when I witnessed these showy and costly preparations, and pictured to myself the magnificent scene for which they were intendedthose formidable animals contending in mortal conflictthe thousands of gaily dressed spectators, gazing in breathless anxiety,I repined at my lot, and regretted I had not been born in a condition which, though of less dignity, would not have cut me off from some of the most exquisite pleasures of life.

"What's in the wind now?" asks the little Scot; "and what for have ye not got your shoes on?" "Clive's asleep," says the Colonel, with a countenance full of extreme anxiety.

Days of painful anxiety followed.

She wondered with keen anxiety whether the man had seen her.

Five o'clock had struck, and they were momentarily looking for his reappearance; but, when the door opened, as it did at this time, it was to admit young Cumberland, whose white face and shaking limbs betrayed his suspense and nervous anxiety.

" "It is a pity," said Mrs. Crowder, "that thy life should have been marred by such constant anxiety.

For ere we had got half way through the town she, dawdling behind to look first in this shop and then in that, gave us the slip, so that we were best part of an hour hunting the streets up and down in the utmost anxiety.

These rumours, which have caused grave anxiety, on closer investigation have all proved to be utterly unfounded.

My conscientious wife will suffer continual anxiety till he is found.

In fact,' added the coroner, as if thankful that he had got over an unpleasant moment, 'can you give me the slightest indication which would tend to confirm the suspicion that the unfortunate lady, in a moment of mental anxiety or derangement, may have wished to take her own life?' "There was silence in the court for a few moments.

Do we desire to behold them, inflated with their original powers, laboring to strike out sparks of wit, with a restless anxiety to shine, and with a labored affectation to please, which never pleases?

may I present another inestimable daughter to my parents?" As John paused for an answer, Grace looked up, and he waited her reply in evident anxiety; but she continued silent, now pale as death, and now of the color of the rose, and he added: "I hope I have not offended you, dearest Grace; you are all that is desirable to me; my hopes, my happiness, are centred in you.

The consideration of numerous papers of which he was possessed, seems to have struck Johnson's mind, with a sudden anxiety, and as they were in great confusion, it is much to be lamented that he had not entrusted some faithful and discreet person with the care and selection of them; instead of which, he in a precipitate manner, burnt large masses of them, with little regard, as I apprehend, to discrimination.

As long as I was at liberty his days and nights would be consumed by an acute and painful anxiety.

Here they landed, and, having ordered the pinnaces to return to the same place on the fourth day following, travelled through the woods towards Nombre de Dios, with such silence and regularity as surprised the French, who did not imagine the Symerons so discreet or obedient as they appeared, and were, therefore, in perpetual anxiety about the fidelity of their guides, and the probability of their return.

There is some difficulty in satisfying the eager anxiety of my friends to know all that is to be known about your engagements, and I may truly say that the kind interest which you feel about us is reciprocal.

Yet by betraying any undue anxiety I should certainly negative all my efforts to solve the puzzling enigma, therefore I was compelled to remain content with asking ingeniously disguised questions and drawing my own conclusions from her answers.

And her distress, between the necessity of economy on the one hand and her maternal anxiety on the other, would have touched the hardest heart.

In tones of tender anxiety, she said: "I am afraid you are very tired, dear.

If the men of Plymouth regarded with some feeling of jealous anxiety the growing power and greatness of their rival, it was but natural.

" A somewhat curious episode to divert their minds from these domestic anxieties was presented by an embassy from the brave and intriguing Sultan of Mysore, the celebrated Tippoo Sahib, who sought to engage Louis to lend him six thousand French troops, with whose aid he trusted to break down the ascendency which England was rapidly establishing in India.

241 adjectives to describe  anxiety