123 adjectives to describe applause

With bold right hand Zulema drew his keen and mighty blade; Blow after blow 'mid blood and dust upon his foe he laid; The startled beast retired before such onslaught of his foe, And the people shouted loud applause and the King himself bowed low.

In this hazardous voyage they had spent two years, ten months, and some odd days; but were recompensed for their toils by great riches, and the universal applause of their countrymen.

His masterpiece was the Star-Spangled Banner, and his great baritone voice, which could be heard for blocks, always brought enthusiastic applause.

This plain, straightforward story of a little boy befriended by a generous-hearted London doctor won for De Morgan wide and hearty applause.

When at length that strong-minded female strides across the stage, we hail her with rapturous applause, and listen for the strident voice with which the average "Lady Macbeth" reads her husband's letter.

He is unmoved, both by the rage of the populace and by its most tumultuous applause.

To leap upon an enemy's coast in sight of a superiour force, only to show how little they were feared, was an act that would, in these times, meet with little applause, nor can the general be seriously commended, or rationally vindicated, who exposes his person to destruction, and, by consequence, his expedition to miscarriage, only for the pleasure of an idle insult, an insignificant bravado.

In course of time it was "made into a farce, with the Humors of Harlequin and Scaramouch," and represented through the whole kingdom, like similar compositions, with immense applause.

(Tremendous applause.)

And idle Cibber, how he breaks the laws, To make poor Pinky eat with vast applause! But fill their purse, our poet's work is done, Alike to them, by pathos or by pun.

In the procedure of the declamation schools the boys arose and delivered their speeches with frequent applause from the other students and from their parents.

During the first number there was absolute quiet and appreciative attention, and when I had finished, I was given a round of generous applause.

" At this announcement the entire company broke into spontaneous and heartfelt applause.

" That being the end of his speech, the place where his superior always sat down, amidst thunderous applause.

As the strongest points were reached, all present joined in mighty applause.

The Colonel selected the ditty of "Wapping Old Stairs," which charming old song he sang so pathetically that even the professional gentlemen buzzed a sincere applause, and some wags who were inclined to jeer at the beginning of the performance, clinked their glasses and rapped their sticks with quite a respectful enthusiasm.

On their return the triumvirs were received with vociferous applause.

It was a very beautiful figure, comprising a great deal of work for the arms, and was received with unbounded applause, as were the various accomplishments displayed by others of the party.

At length, when the paper bags had been wellnigh emptied, Jack Vance intimated his intention of making a speechwhich announcement was received with considerable applause.

they ask not the imperfect lay, The weak applause her trembling accents breathe; With whose pure radiance glory blends her ray, Whom fame has circled with her fairest wreathe.

Just then, amid the inevitable applause, and the dismissal of the brief formal assembly for the social half-hour, something snapped inside of John Wesley, Jr., and it was the feeling of it which prompted him to say, "If anybody expects me to stay away from Institute this year, he has got a surprise coming, that's all.

Miss Caroline herself had refrained from abusing himhad seemed to have forgotten him, indeed; but, as she read Byron to them, their hearts opened to herrushed out, indeed, with a friendly wholeness that demanded something more than mere cordial applause of her favorite poet.

The early cantos were ushered into the world amid a chorus of mingled applause and execration.

His seraphic raillery elicited sympathetic applause from the ladies, especially from the daughters of the house, who laughed occasionally even before his angelic jokes were well launched.

" Sibyl Andrés finished her music, and quickly withdrew as if to escape the noisy applause.

123 adjectives to describe  applause
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