196 adjectives to describe apprehensions

Whoever reads the Roman historians must be surprised at the number of prodigies which are constantly recorded, and which frequently filled the people with the most dreadful apprehensions.

Suddenly there came a gust of wind through the trees, which set them creaking and crackling with vague apprehension, for the wind is always the mischief makerthe tattlerthe brawler who starts the troubleand the peaceful, slumbering absent-minded prairie fire, nibbling away at a few dead roots and grass, had been too much for it.

I thus lived in constant apprehension of being ordered back to the Netherlands, and yearned for the wings of a dove, that I might flee away and be out of mischief.

But while the time was being spent in such joyous fashionand that it was joyous, Love, who alone may bear witness thereof, can truly sayyet sometimes his coming inspired me with not a little natural apprehension, inasmuch as he was beginning to be indiscreet in the manner of his coming.

I walked from his door to-day, with a fearful apprehension of what might happen before I returned.

For a time I had painful apprehensions that that, too, had been educated away.

No sooner were Othello and his lady landed in Cyprus, than news arrived, that a desperate tempest had dispersed the Turkish fleet, and thus the island was secure from any immediate apprehension of an attack.

He is like a man, who being admitted into better company than his birth and education have fitted him for, is under continual apprehension, lest his attitude and motions should betray his origin.

During this time I had ample opportunity for observing Moll, but with little relief to my gloomy apprehensions.

Whatever the reason, I had become filled with grave apprehensions.

The circumstance itself was one justly to excite slight apprehension, though, on second thoughts, Gelsomina saw no more in it than a return from some expedition of pleasure, or some serenade perhaps, in which the caution of a lover had compelled his followers to resort to this species of concealment.

They had passed through many perils and hardships, and had been in a state of anxious apprehension for many days together; and now suddenly arriving at this shore, and seeing those well-known vegetables, the lei and kwoh, they knew indeed that it was the land of Han.

A telling circumstance against you, Ranelagh, not only contradicting your own story but showing that her after condition sprang from some sudden and extreme apprehension in connection with her sister.

" Just as in the setting forth of these spiritual apprehensions, the words and imagery are usually her own, so in the description of bodily vision she uses her own language and comparisons.

Neither can I deny, sir, that the curling of your whiskers the wrong way, and their peculiarity in remaining entirely still while your mouth is going, are circumstances calculated to excite the liveliest apprehensions of those who wish you well.

The more reasonable apprehension might be lest it should sap the vital force necessary to handle that material, and mould it into appropriate forms.

This personal introduction to each part of the image, now presented to her for the first time, enabled her to realise more forcibly than a lengthened experience of astronomical observation might have done the likeness to her own world of that which was passing under her eyes; and at once intensified her wonder, heightened her pleasure, and sharpened her intellectual apprehension of the scene.

Thus entered into as strange a scene of life as ever any man was in, I had most melancholy apprehensions concerning my deplorable condition: and many times the tears would plentifully run down my face, when I considered how I was debarred from all communications with human kind.

A storm at sea will be simply my death.' 'Dear Lady Kirkbank, I was only joking,' said Lesbia, who did not want to be worried by her chaperon's nervous apprehensions: 'so far the night is lovely.

Secondly, it can be understood strictly as a mere unfolding of the contents of a confused apprehension; so that there is an advance only in point of coherence and distinctness.

She held his hand very tightly, and he divined that the prospect of the boot's removal caused her considerable apprehension.

In that year, after taking part in a disorderly and fruitless expedition planned by Rosas to secure the southern frontier against Indian attacks, he suddenly made his appearance at Buenos Ayres, with a body of armed satellites, who inspired the newly-seated Dictatorthe famous Juan Manuel de Rosas, who has been already so often mentioned in these pageswith vivid apprehensions.

Speaking a week after the declaration of war, Pitt said that any expectation of success which the enemy might have must be based on the supposition that he could break the spirit or weaken the determination of the country by harassing us with the perpetual apprehension of descents on our coasts; or else that our resources could be impaired and our credit undermined by the effects of an expensive and protracted war.

Since every single action of a man's life seems to possess the freedom and originality which in truth only belong to his character as he apprehends it, and the mere apprehension of it by his intellect is what constitutes his career; and since what is original in every single action seems to the empirical consciousness to be always being performed anew, a man thus receives in the course of his career the strongest possible moral lesson.

Personal and household vermin seem to have an instinctive apprehension of the homes that are prepared for them, and flock to the families and dwellings where washing and sweeping are not the paramount law and unfailing habit.

196 adjectives to describe  apprehensions