197 adjectives to describe approach

His nearest approach to coherence seemed to indicate a desire that I should go back to Washington at once and destroy a perfectly reputable firm of chemists.

The regularity and evenness of the dentition of the Anoplotherium, as contrasted with that of existing Artiodactyles, and the assumed nearer approach of the dentition of certain ancient Carnivores to the typical arrangement, have also been cited as exemplifications of a law of progressive development, but I know of no other cases based on positive evidence which are worthy of particular notice.

He saw the hazard of innovation in the slightest approach to interests so delicate, and his mind was drilled by policy into an apathy that no charity could disturb, when there was question of the right of St. Mark to the services of his people.

Only when he half-raised himself to make certain he was advancing in a direct course could we see him, and when, after perhaps twenty minutes of such stealthy approach, the deeper shadow cast by the fortification itself had been gained, he was entirely lost to our view.

Others again were foolish enough to indulge a notion that they could divest themselves of the properties of matter during this life; that in this manner they might be defended against the gradual approaches of dissolution, to which every animal body is subject: and that thus fortified, without quitting their terrestrial tabernacle, they could associate at pleasure with the inhabitants of the spiritual world.

Don Francisco de Mogente observed this, and sat patiently beneath the trailing vines, noting their slow approach.

It was a steady if not rapid approach, and I was quite prepared for their presence when they finally reached the doorway opposite and stopped to look in at what must have appeared to them a vast and empty space.

A psychological approach to theology.

These divisions, accompanied by groups of wire cutters and others armed with bangalore torpedoes, went through the successive bands of barbed wire that protected the enemy's front line and support trenches, in irresistible waves on schedule time, breaking down all defense of an enemy demoralized by the great volume of our artillery fire and our sudden approach out of the fog.

POLLARD, CECIL VIVIAN. How to learn German the easy way: Pollard's simplified approach to the study of German translation.

ROBINSON, VIRGINIA P. A functional approach to family case work.

No more to him "Returns Day, or the sweet approach of even or morn, Or sight of vernal bloom, or summer's rose, Or flocks, or herds, or human face divine; But clouds, instead, and ever-during dark Surround"

As soon as the vessel was secured Mr. Bedwell landed on the eastern shore of the bay, and found it to be of bold approach, but lined with coral rocks, and covered with dead shells, among which a buccinum of immense size was noticed.

The fire of our heavy cannon increased in violence every hour, and the silence of the enemy's batteries assured us of the efficacy of the bombardment, and the speedy approach of the time when our columns would move to the assault on the city.

XVII.Caesar pitching his camp at that side of the town which was not defended by the river and marsh, and had a very narrow approach, as we have mentioned, began to raise the vineae and erect two towers; for the nature of the place prevented him from drawing a line of circumvallation.

The most important object within view, according to his present judgment, was the staircase which connected it with the floor above; but if you had asked his reason for this conclusion, he would not have told you, as Ranelagh might have done, that it was because it was the most direct and convenient approach to Carmel Cumberland's room.

<pb id='121.png' n='1956h1/A/0715' /> ROSE, DWIGHT C. A scientific approach to investment management.

ALL [Watching the cautious approach of the net beyond the wall.

Since the health of the mother, then, will suffer materially from this circumstance, she ought not to be ignorant of the fact; so that, when the first symptoms manifest themselves, she may be able to recognise their insidious approach; and tracing them to their real cause, obtain medical advice before her health be seriously impaired.

I have seen some faint approaches to this sort of excellence in other players.

TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD. Bach: the historical approach.

Elementary German: a systematic approach.

Subject headings: the history and theory of the alphabetical subject approach to books.

The porous quality of the ground would enable them to distinguish the distant approach of the enemy, and therefore they could snatch a few moments sleep in the snow.

Fields of psychology; an experimental approach.

197 adjectives to describe  approach