13 adjectives to describe as

(A Triple-A Western classic) © on introd.

Before n and an other consonant, it usually has the sound of grave or middle a; as in aunt, flaunt, gaunt, launch, laundry.

That of broad a; as in ought, bought, thought.

" "'A's fully knowledgeable by all accounts; learnt out, they tell me.

PANCAKE DAY Great A, little a, This is pancake day; Toss the ball high, Throw the ball low, Those that come after May sing heigh-ho!

p. 274, l. 3. A] lovely.

For often under a fayre fayned fable A trouthe appereth gretely profitable.

That mystic 'A' puzzles me.

A young American baritone with a phenomenal high A, was to sing "Tonio" and a new Spanish soprano was cast for "Nedda."

"Co-rect-a, co-rect-a, Senor," he replied.

It would be a thing that the eye of censure could not ignore, like the scarlet "A" on the breast of the girl in Nathaniel Hawthorne's story.

[Footnote A: A diminutive of Ivan, somewhat expressive of contempt Vanya is the affectionate form.

Comparison of equality, what; sometimes involves solec., ("Nothing SO uncertain AS,") Comparison of equality and of ineq., canon on Comparison, adaptation of the terms of, to the deg.

13 adjectives to describe  as