8 adjectives to describe asphalt

Hilda started to run after her, first across smooth asphalt, and then over some sails stretched out to dry; and then her feet sank at each step into descending ridges of loose shingle, and she nearly fell.

I hated the gritty asphalt that gave no peace to my feet and cut my knees when my clumsiness made me fall.

And in forcing their way to the surface, is it not natural that the liquid asphalt and slimy water should be drawn up and expelled?'

Where the daring road ended, there lay unsubdued, level with the pale asphalt, the tenacious prairie, over which civilisation fought her hub-deep way to the West.

But until that day one could fancy the romanticists and realists lambasting each other in the papers, the soldiers grinding away in their dusty camps, the pretty ladies rolling gayly down the sprinkled asphalt, and the chanteuse singing over the footlights: "Que pense le Premier Ministre?

We found even one bit of red porcellanite with unburnt asphalt included in it.

But the narrow-chested and knock-kneed boy staggering over the sun-baked asphalt no longer concerned him.

She saw, a long way off, a solitary hooded sergent de ville, and dragged herself across an endless expanse of wet asphalt to ask him her way.

8 adjectives to describe  asphalt