34 adjectives to describe assassination

When we remember that his father-in-law and his brother were renegades, we can well understand that a party among his kinsmen may have been bitterly hostile to him, and have opposed his authority with the tribe by open violence, and, when that seemed ineffectual, by secret assassination.

" These atrocities were all perpetrated within a few months of the time of the deliberate assassination, on the floor of the legislature by the speaker, already described, and are probably but a small portion of the outrages committed in that state during the same period.

Intentions of AchillasCold-blooded assassination.

And the scythe of death swept by; there was wholesale assassination; doors were left wide open before rows of cradles, in order to make room for fresh bundles despatched from Paris.

The latter, condemned to banishment on an atrocious charge of intended assassination against the Prince of Orange, was visited in his prison at The Hague by the grand pensionary.

It was Keats, the most precocious of all great poets, the stock victim of critical assassination,though the charge does him utter injustice,who declared that "nothing is finer for purposes of production than a very gradual ripening of the intellectual powers.

Even the cruel assassination which has just shocked the country is reported to have a religious motive behind it.

Daily assassinations made the streets insecure.

The parallel is false, some may say; the conditions are not the same; in spite of all material and educational advantages, we in England would never endure such subjection; we should live in a state of perpetual rebellion; our troops would mutiny; much as we all detest assassination, the lives of our foreign Governors would hardly be secure.

The incomprehensible attempt upon my life, the strange actions of Hornby and Chaterwho, by the way, seemed to have entirely disappearedthe assassination of the man who by masquerading as the Italian waiter had met his death, and the murder of Olinto's wife were all problems which required solution.

We see the representatives of three small, freedom-loving democracies pushed beyond endurance by the outrages of tyranny, pledging mutual support in resisting these encroachments upon their liberties, and carrying out a successful resistance, aided by the wholly fortuitous assassination of the tyrannical emperor.

Many were the foul assassinations and terrible tortures upon innocent persons performed at his orders.

I will not be silenced on the late indefensible assassination of Julius Cæsar.

She was an eye-witness to the terrible scenes of the Revolution, and escaped judicial assassination almost by miracle.

Or the zeal of the Japanese before Port Arthur? When, if ever, is assassination justifiable as a political expedient?

That came to an end in 1868, when the murder of Kara-George in 1817 by the agency of Milo[)s] Obrenovi['c] was avenged by the lunatic assassination of the brilliant Prince Michael Obrenovi['c] III.

Can it be that for that barren honour a human being dyed his hands with murder and risked momentary assassination for the remainder of his lifetime?

Meanwhile intrigue followed intrigue at the court of Chou; the mutual assassinations within the ruling group were as incessant as in the last years of the great Toba empire, until the real power passed from the emperor and his Toba entourage to a Chinese family, the Yang.

He had recovered his bird-like manner, and was full of a mysterious assassination that had just taken place in New York, all the thrilling details of which were at his fingers' ends.

In the mean time, Matilda, the widow of Henry I., encouraged by the prelates, landed in England to lay claim to the throne, and after a great deal of ill feeling and much needed assassination, her son Henry, who had become quite a large property-owner in France, invaded England, and finally succeeded in obtaining recognition as the rightful successor of Stephen.

Besides numberless assassinations, tumults, and convulsions to which they gave rise, it is computed that the quarrel occasioned no less than sixty battles in the reign of Henry IV., and eighteen in that of his successor, Henry V., when the claims of the sovereign pontiff finally prevailed [c].

So that few had time, now, to talk of Rudolph Musgrave and Clarice Pendomer; for it was not in Lichfieldian human nature to discuss a mere domestic imbroglio when here, also in the Musgrave family, was a picturesque and gory assassination to lay tongue to.

The poet in some of his stanzas has described the fine view of the port and the disconsolate dirtiness of the city itself, the streets of which were at that time rendered dangerous by the frequency of religious and political assassinations.

There is, therefore, scarcely any Italian that would upon some occasions scruple assassination.

Unfortunately, in most instances, the process is sheer assassination.

34 adjectives to describe  assassination