36 adjectives to describe automobile

Another requirement of our twentieth-century civilization is rapid transit, either urban or inter-urban, and this is afforded by various systems of electric street railways or electric traction generally, including electric locomotives and electric automobiles.

He was now licensed to drive, and the yellow automobile was his, body and soul.

King Albert of Belgium was constantly in the field during the early engagements of the war, moving from point to point inside the Belgian lines by means of a high-powered automobile, in which he was slightly wounded by the explosion of a shell.

Among the frowzy turnip tops two big dull gray automobiles were stranded, like large hulks in a small green sea.

I ask you, what kind of a person is it that gallivants around in a foreign automobile?

Consequently we had only few and unimportant skirmishes in these days, twice while guarding the flank through having to repulse attacks of Cossacks, and once being harassed by an armored automobile.

The brave automobiles.

Chapter XI Go Look In Your Mirror, You Fool As the Taine automobile left Aaron King and his friend, that afternoon, Mrs. Taine spoke to the chauffeur; "You may stop a moment, at the next house, Henry.

Little old automobile.

Among the frowzy turnip tops two big dull gray automobiles were stranded, like large hulks in a small green sea.

It was the invention by Gottlieb Daimler of the high-speed gasoline engine, in 1885, that really gave an impetus to the building of efficient automobiles of all powers.

Nothing had been left to chance and the advance guard was accompanied by enormous automobiles filled with corps of sappers who carried bridge and road building materials.

He had come to the hotel in an expensive, new automobile to fetch cooked food for himself and Ruiné.

Some had small wooden sign-boards bearing the word Zeitung, which they would lift and swing across the path of an approaching automobile.

Into this gap the horsemen or the imperious automobiles would slip, and away the column would go again without having been disturbed or impeded noticeably.

At great speed innumerable automobiles were approaching, all coming from the west through the Boulevard du Regent, and without slackening speed passing northeast toward Ghent, Bruges, and the coast.

It's all really, truly trueeverything: Father coming to meet me, the lovely automobile, and the pretty lady in the light-blue dress, who kissed me.

Outside three luxurious automobiles were purring them selves out of sight in the darkness.

During the evening we received several bulletins regarding the mythical automobile.

In this purpose he finally succeeded, after what wiles and pains need not be stated, being hired at moderate wages as a stable helper, with a small room over the carriage house, and miscellaneous duties that included much drudgery in cleaning the baron's numerous automobiles.

The government sent its official automobile to take her to the Mary Slessor Hospital at Itu.

"I have an automobile outside," Virginia said a little shyly.

We do not receive any more mail, for the postal automobiles of the Tenth Corps have been destroyed.

The slowest automobile is too fast for so delightful a spot as Lenox.

Not once, but a dozen times, officers of various rank let us look at their maps and use their field glasses; and they gave us advice for reaching the zone of actual fighting and swapped gossip with us, and frequently regretted that they had no spare mounts or spare automobiles to loan us.

36 adjectives to describe  automobile