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48 adjectives to describe « avalanche »

48 adjectives to describe « avalanche »

  • But as soon as the storm is over, and the sun shines, the snow at once begins to shift and settle and fall from the branches in miniature avalanches, and the white forest soon becomes green again.
  • All who worked at all were helping prepare for the possible siege; those who didn't crowded the sidewalk cafes, listening to tales from the front, guessing by the aid of maps whither, across the silent, screened southwest, the German avalanche was spreading.
  • This experience fixed avalanche danger very firmly in my mind, and having also seen several large avalanches falling, as well as the immense amount of damage done to forests and châlets by these insuperable monsters, I have never wished to risk getting into a large one myself.
  • I remember noticing the distress of a pair of robins during the violent earthquake of the year 1872, when the pines of the Valley, with strange movements, flapped and waved their branches, and beetling rock-brows came thundering down to the meadows in tremendous avalanches.
  • all but trampling her down, yet unseeing and unseen though with her in every leap of his heart, he who despite her own prayers was more to her than a country's cause or a city's deliverance flashed by, while in the dust and thunder of the human avalanche that followed she stood asking whose battery was this and with drowned voice crying, as she stared spell-bound, "Oh, God!
  • At the word of command, they broke their ranks, and swarmed into the houses, and in a minute a perfect avalanche of goods was thrown from the windows.
  • The streets were thronged with men, women, and children, who rushed abroad to witness the approach of the icy avalanche.
  • R105066, 8Jan53, Cupples and Leon Co. (PWH) Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass; or, The perils of an artificial avalanche.
  • Monster fishes swam the silent main, Stately forests waved their giant branches, Mountains hurled their snowy avalanches, Mammoth creatures stalked across the plain, Nature reveled in grand mysteries; But the little fern was not of these, Did not slumber with the hills and trees, Only grew and waved its wild, sweet way; No one came to note it day by day.
  • But it seemed as if an infinite tenderness, trembling with fraternal pity, awoke within him, now that he was about to plunge into the painful truths of existence; and it was something emanating from himself, something very great and very good which was to render innocuous the terrible avalanche of facts which was impending.
  • The rush becomes more and more violent; it comes nearer, the ground trembles, the trees bend and break with a sharp crack; enormous stones and blocks of ice are carried away like gravel; and the mighty avalanche, with a crash like a train running off the rails over a precipice, drops to the foot of the mountain, destroying, crushing down everything before it, and covering the ground with a bed of snow from thirty to fifty feet deep.
  • "Now I've done it," she admitted, as with a clatter and a bang that, she was sure, could be heard a mile away, an evident avalanche of tools tumbled to the floor.
  • Mountains of drifted snow were to be seen in places, all along the shore; and wreaths that threatened fearful avalanches were suspended from the cliffs, waiting only for the increase of the warmth, to come down upon the rocks beneath.
  • Hold the place for half an hour and twenty right sober men shall ye have." And with that the Lubber Fiend disappeared in a final avalanche of brick-dust and clay clods.
  • Coming nearer and nearer up that long tunnel of trees, like one of those unescapable things seen in dreams, the little gray spot of moving figures grew to strange proportions"the Germans!"front of that frightful avalanche.
  • Here I see streams at their sources up-welling, The grim avalanches unrolling and swelling!
  • Some of the smaller lakes are extinguished in an instant by a heavy avalanche either of rocks or snow.
  • [Illustration] Leaving this "boulder" region behind us, we passed through a huge avalanche that stood in frozen filthiness far above the carriage on each side of the road, while immediately over us on the left rose the mountain from which it had comerightly named the Sugar-loafand opposite, on the right, the serrated summit of the Soum de Secugnac (8442 ft.).
  • The sound was rushing, like that of an incessant avalanche, attended by cracking noises that resembled the rending of a glacier.
  • Hellenism was thus expiring from its own inanition, when the inevitable avalanche overwhelmed it from without.
  • But it seemed as if an infinite tenderness, trembling with fraternal pity, awoke within him, now that he was about to plunge into the painful truths of existence; and it was something emanating from himself, something very great and very good which was to render innocuous the terrible avalanche of facts which was impending.
  • Beneath the swirl of a gown that lay in an iridescent avalanche of sequins about her feet, her foot, tilted to an unbelievable hypothenuse off a cloth-of-silver heel, beat a small and twinkling tattoo, her fingers tattooing, too, along the chair-sides.
  • On paper, four hundred and fifty thousand men were ready to rush as an irresistible avalanche on the Rhine provinces.
  • Now these two distinct harvests of flood waters were gathered simultaneously and poured out on the plain in one magnificent avalanche.
  • How easy is it to find politicians ever ready to sniff the incense of popularity at the plausible shrine of a descending franchise!how difficult to find those who, while granting what is just and prudent, have the wisdom to plan, and the courage to dare, measures to arrest a mobular avalanche!
  • Each branch raises itself when emancipated, thus changing the whole outline of the growth; and the snow beneath is punctured with a thousand little depressions, where the petty avalanches have just buried themselves and disappeared.
  • Within the four arms of the Gallery, a continuous bustle of people, an incessant going and coming of merging, dissolving crowds: a quadruple avalanche flowing toward the grand square at the center of the cross, where the Café Biffi, known to actors and singers the world over, spreads its rows of marble tables!
  • The real avalanche to be dreaded, are we to expect it from the ever-gathering mass of ignorant brute force, with the irresponsibility of animals and the passions of men, which is one of the fatal necessities of slavery, or from the gradually increasing consciousness of the non-slaveholding population of the Slave States of the true cause of their material impoverishment and political inferiority?
  • The former are solid avalanches, formed of old snow that has almost acquired the consistency of ice.
  • But Fancy to the Grison hills me drew, Where Mariana like a wild flower grew, Nursing her garden-kindred: so far I Liked her condition, willing to comply With that sweet single life: when, with a cranch, Down came that thundering, crashing avalanche, Startling my mountain-project!
  • If the thunderous avalanche of vote-fraud reveals keeps rolling, millions and millions MORE people will realize, and speak out about, the farce that is mainstream news.
  • They went up and up, and down and down, and that other party, Carnehan, was imploring of Dravot not to sing and whistle so loud, for fear of bringing down the tremenjus avalanches.
  • Trembling, limp and weak, he sank to the divan, overwhelmed, pounded to pieces, it seemed, by that vehement adoration, that caught him up and carried him away like a tumultuous avalanche.
  • Due eastward she will re-baptize the glistening city of Ala Shehr with its ancient name of Philadelphia, under which it held out heroically for Hellenism many years after Aidin had become the capital of a Moslem principality and the Turkish avalanche had rolled past it to the sea.
  • Past them sped a company of cavalry in blue and yellow, bouncing considerably in their saddles, red faces very dusty under their tightly strapped caps, sabres and canteens jangling like an unexpected avalanche of tin-ware in a demoralised pantry.
  • The capitalist press did yeoman service in this cause by deluging the nation with a veritable avalanche of lies.
  • As the Master held it up in the sand-lashed dimness, half-gloom and half-light, that formed a kind of aura round the firean aura sheeted through and all about by the aerial avalanches of the sandthe Legionaries got some vague idea of the necklace.
  • His stentorian anger afforded so material a contrast to the placid environment that Deacon stood dazed under the vocal avalanche, hearing but a blur of objurgation.
  • The mountain-side became steeper than it could stay, and several land-avalanches, ancient or modern, crossed our path.
  • We employed the time in trying the flavor of the grapes and peaches of Lombardy, and looking at the groups of travelers who had come down from the Alps with the annual avalanche at this season.
  • He would almost say to himself, "Beware the pine-tree's withered branch, beware the awful avalanche."
  • " With a thunder of applause and vivas for young Brull, the black avalanche headed rumbling for the church.
  • He created and runs the ever-expanding Home Affairs Department, he oversees a ceaseless avalanche of draconian new laws and he gives public speeches about what he sees as the global duality of good and evil.
  • Her dainty avalanche of skirts filled the stairs as she settled there in silence; he at her feet, turned sideways so that he could look up into the brooding, absent eyes.
  • ALPINE MEADOWS (CBS13) Despite the deadly avalanche Friday, Alpine Meadows stayed open throughout the day and plans to open on Saturday.
  • There are about a dozen phrases that all come tumbling along together, like the tongs, and the shovel, and the poker, and the brush, and the bellows, in one of those domestic avalanches that everybody knows.
  • The most dreaded and most terrible avalanches, those of dry, powdery snow, occur only in winter, when sudden squalls and hurricanes of snow throw the whole atmosphere into chaos.
  • "Fall back!" shouted the Lieutenant to his regulars when he saw the equestrian avalanche coming.

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