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55 adjectives to describe « balloons »

55 adjectives to describe « balloons »

  • Suddenly, over the desolate ground to the west, we see a man hovering in mid-air, descending on a parachute from a captive balloon that seems to have suffered mishap.
  • lighter-than-air balloon, helium balloon, hydrogen balloon, hot air balloon.
  • Be a good girl, pussy; I'll bring you a red balloon to-night."
  • An' up overhead a huge cigar-shaped balloon, an' then an airplane sailin' swift an' buzzin' like a bee.
  • The next night and every night thereafter until the Germans came in and took the city, she thought she saw things; not green rats and pink snakes, but large, sausage-shaped balloons with bombs dropping from them.
  • The same year, 1897, when he was twenty-four years old, he, with M. Machuron, made his first ascent in a spherical balloon, the only kind in existence at that time.
  • So long as one had to consider the navigable balloon the aerial side of warfare remained unimportant.
  • " "Turn round," said Madelaine, laughing, to her brother, "you will see a beautiful balloon rising."
  • Israeli military forces also struck Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza in the early hours of Wednesday morning in response to the ongoing terror attacks against Israel with the explosive balloons.
  • The tiny, dressed-up Oriental dollsboy and girlswho strolled about with pink balloons or butterfly kites, in the short intervals between "Mellican" school and Chinese school, were not baby-actors playing parts on the stage, but real flesh and blood children, who had no idea that they were odd to look at in their gay-coloured gowns and tiny caps.
  • A French flyer had dropped it that afternoon with intent to destroy one of the German captive balloons and its operator.
  • get out of one's depth; go to the bottom, go down like a stone, drop like a lead balloon; founder, welter, wallow.
  • With but three minutes left and some distance to go, the great dirigible balloon got up speed and rushed for the goal.
  • Another cluster of golden balloons lightly dropped down with its package of explosives on the roof of a farmer’s agricultural building, also after dark.
  • With them were the men of the family, in black gabardines and skull-caps, sallow striplings, incalculably aged ancestors, round-bellied husbands and fathers bumping along like black balloons, all hastening to the low doorways dressed with lamps and paper garlands behind which the feast was spread.
  • An Israeli firefighter attempts to extinguish a fire caused by a incendiary balloon launched by Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, on the Israeli side of the border between Israel and Gaza, Israel on August 16, 2020.
  • The choice of different colored balloons makes for interest and consequent "rooting."
  • This he sunk in an impossible balloon, crippled himself in the initial voyage of his airship, and died shortly afterwards of a broken heart.
  • A series of windmills,a group of inflated balloons,a flock of geese all asleep on one leg,a circle of ballet-dancers, just poised to begin,a band of patriots just kneeling to take an oath upon their country's altar,a senate of tailors,a file of soldiers,a whole parish of Shaker worshippers,a Japanese embassy performing Ko-tow: these all in turn come like shadows,so depart.
  • Four square towers, crowned by four Oriental-looking domes, not unlike the lower half of an inverted balloon: these towers at the angles of a square building with buttressed and battlemented walls, with two ranges of round-arched windows on the side towards us.
  • lighter-than-air balloon, helium balloon, hydrogen balloon, hot air balloon.
  • High tow'ring next, as he'd eclipse the moon, With pride upblown, behold yon live balloon.
  • The regimental bands played the next day; the distant cannonade had ceased; sunshine fell from a cloudless sky, and the army watched a military balloon, the "Intrepid," high glistening above the river, its cables trailing in gracious curves earthward.
  • Santos-Dumont was just such a boy, and he spent much time in setting miniature balloons afloat, and in launching tiny air-ships actuated by twisted rubber bands.
  • Beneath the centre of the Balloon, and about two-thirds of its length, is a frame of light wood, answering to the hoop of an ordinary Balloon; to which are attached the cords of the net which encloses the suspending vessel, and which serves to distribute the pressure of the appended weight equally over its whole surface, as well as to form an intermediate means of attachment for the rest of the apparatus.
  • "It is a little parachute balloon, just like the one that carried that message into the cocoa grove of Carlos Mendoza!"
  • Its perpetual balloon voyage of sentiment was suited to other times, or finds sympathy to-day with other races.
  • No one has cited Jungian psychoanalysis among its influences, nor has anyone commissioned a hot air balloon, solar-powered or otherwise.
  • Above the German fleet came a fleet of aircraft, augmented to a great degree by three powerful Zeppelin balloons.
  • The object is for the contestants to blow their respective balloons across the room, following as nearly as possible the courses of string.
  • Cliffs they saw in plenty, but as yet none enclosing a valley so as to imprison an unfortunate aeronaut, whose runaway balloon had dropped with him into its depths.
  • It proved to be a stationary balloon which was acting as the eye of the artillery.
  • The current flight systems look more like a traditional high-altitude platform than a conventional stratospheric balloon.
  • There is a tame balloon tied by a string to the back garden, an ammunition column on either flank and an infantry battalion camped in front.
  • Nothing was altered in these teeming galleries, except that turbid daylight had imperceptibly given place to this other dimness, in which lanterns swung like tethered fire-balloons.
  • There are many different kinds of word balloons, such as the "speech balloon", the "thought balloon" and the "scream balloon".
  • "Have another fizz, girl, and by that time we'll be ready for a trip in my underground balloon.
  • The consuls of the powers met at the Cercle Militaire the governor, and laughed hectically at the absurd balloon of tittle-tattle which had been pricked by the Noa-Noa's facts.
  • At one side of a small open space on the outskirts of Paris the long, yellow balloon tugged at its fastenings, while the navigator made his final round to see that all was well.
  • Now inflate this admirable balloon, which is to bear off all your hopes, with the lightest gases.
  • According to these conspiracy theorists, most of these alien balloons have cloaking technology in it, and as a result, they usually go unnoticed from the eyes of the general public.
  • CHANTECLER A balloon!
  • If the main gate wasn’t closed I am sure I would have wandered behind him listening to that magical flute and watching those toys and beautiful colorful balloons hanging from the stick dancing in the air.
  • And I was friendly with the handful of local commercial balloon pilots.
  • The current flight systems look more like a traditional high-altitude platform than a conventional stratospheric balloon.
  • For decades, fans of the popular NPB club have inflated the long cylindrical balloons prior to their team batting in the seventh inning.
  • Even degradable balloons take up to four years to break down.
  • lookthe tree, like a dragged balloon; A globe of leavessome trickery here; My nag is rightbest now be shy" A movement was made, a hubbub and snarl; Little was plainthey blindly steer.
  • So a great deception for the little boy, who figured to himself that gourds, speaking babies, articulate punchinellos, and elastic balloons grew quite naturally on those trees.
  • It was the Queen's coronation day, and he had promised to take a fourth balloon to the party; and the rehearsal of all this stirred up Fred's ire afresh, and he looked any thing but kind at Miss Schomberg.
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