24 adjectives to describe baring

Oh! go mad For love of some one lost; for some old voice Which first thou madest sing, and after sob; Some heart thou foundest rich, and leftest bare, Choking its well of faith with thy false deeds; Not like thy God, who keeps the better wine Until the last, and, if He giveth grief, Giveth it first, and ends the tale with joy.

" The lady blushed, she bowed her head, then to the Moor replied: "Dear heart of mine, of all my friends the most undoubted friend, The time has come our friendship should have an early end; If all, indeed, these tidings know, as you yourself declare, Pray tell me who of all the town first laid this secret bare.

Now suppose that, a million or two of years hence, when Britain has made another dip beneath the sea and has come up again, some geologist applies this doctrine, in comparing the strata laid bare by the upheaval of the bottom, say, of St. George's Channel with what may then remain of the Suffolk Crag.

This was in the rear of the procession; in front, where the throng of townsfolk closed most thickly round the earl's travelling chariot, was a sudden baring of heads, as the door of the coach was opened.

For forests, properly speaking, cannot exist without soil; and, since the moraines have been deposited upon the solid rock, and only upon elected places, leaving a considerable portion of the old glacial surface bare, we find luxuriant forests of pine and fir abruptly terminated by scored and polished pavements on which not even a moss is growing, though soil alone is required to fit them for the growth of trees 200 feet in height.

But though it would to glory pass, It is not eager as am I. I fain would drain the utmost drop, And leave the beaker's hollow bare, For when I turn its foot atop, I see my true love's image there.

a voice from yonder sky resounds; Heabani to his feet now quickly bounds, And bowing, listens to the voice that comes In gentleness; upon the winds it roams From yon blue heights like sighing of the trees; The seer in reverence upon his knees Now holy bares his head in Samas' rays, While the soft voice to him thus gently says: "A messenger, Heabani, soon shall come With offers rich, to leave thy lonely home.

Fat soils are apparent from the heavy growth of their vegetation, and the lean lie bare; as witness the territory of Pupinia (in Latium), where all the foliage is meagre and the vines look starved, where the scant straw never stools, nor the fig tree blooms, while for the most part the trees are as covered with moss as are the arid pastures.

So many of his books and pictures and other furnishings had been already carried to Matocton that the walls were a little bare.

Not even in a primeval forest, it seemed, would the modest Puritan bare his body to the mirror of limpid water and the caress of mountain air.

"See in the circle next, Eliza plac'd; Two babes of love close clinging to her waste; Fair as before her works she stands confess'd In flow'r'd brocade by bounteous Kirkall dress'd, Pearls on her neck, and roses in her hair, And her fore-buttocks to the navel bare.

By 4.30 P.M. the rearguard had crossed the cliff, and, rounding the shoulder of a spur, descended to a plain, bare of vegetation, with the exception of the inevitable wormwood.

" The wide hanging sleeves were fastened back from the shoulders with buttons of pearl, leaving the white, rounded arms bare; a bracelet of pearlsLady Peters' giftwas clasped round the graceful neck; the waves of golden hair, half loose, half carelessly fastened, were like a crown on the beautiful head.

Alcatraz gave way to the little fellow and warned the yearling back with a savage baring of his teeth and a shake of his head.

The men of the Rif had a braided lock on the shoulder, those of the Atlas a ringlet over each ear, and brown woollen scarfs wound round their temples, leaving the shaven crown bare.

mere, simple, sheer, stark, bare; near run.

Dawson glanced round the room, at the papers heaped upon the table, at the tall windows bare of curtainsCary, who loved light and sunshine, hated curtainsand growled.

Unless the Union troops succeeded in surprising the Rebels, the fight, Palmer knew, would be desperate; the position they held was almost impregnable, camped behind a steep gash in the mountain: a handful of men could hold it against Dunning's whole brigade, unshielded, bare.

And it was so that she prayed so heartily in her thought and mind, that her lips moved not, wherefore Eli bare her on hand that she was drunk.

On most of them the foliage was thick; among the exceptions were the cecropias, growing by preference on new-formed alluvial soil bare of other trees, whose rather scanty leaf bunches were, as I was informed, the favorite food of sloths.

The moment he felt her eyes upon him, Bart dropped down, motionless, with a wicked baring of his teeth; his eyes closed, and he seemed, as usual, dreaming in the sun.

"I take my deeds, all, bad as they have been, The way was dark, the awful pitfall bare; In my weak hands, up through the fires of sin, I hold them for my prayer.

In the centre was a massive Florentine table, its broad top bare except for a big ivory tusk paper-knife free from any mounting of silver.

Solid as the furniture was, and still after so many years of service worth money, yet it was chipped by kicks from iron-shod boots, which had also worn the dingy carpet bare.

24 adjectives to describe  baring