32 adjectives to describe barricade

Then they had to take the small advanced barricade, which stood a hundred yards on the St Charles side of the actual Sault-au-Matelot or Sailor's Leap, which is the north-easterly point of the Quebec promontory and nearly a hundred feet high.

Fifty men of the Gendarmerie Mobile have carried at the double the barricade of the Oratoire in the Rue St. Honoré.

At once he raised a formidable barricade of mud and timber, and strengthened it with cotton-bales from the neighboring plantations.

At this moment from the opposite barricade a voice shouted to him, "Go home, then!"

Night was coming on, their ammunition was nearly spent, and the Indians, having taken possession of a stone house on the hill, fired into the temporary barricade of the English; but at this moment a sloop hove in sight, and bore down toward the shore.

Deep trenches surrounded inaccessible redoubts, while thick barricades, with pointed palisades, defended the approaches to the heights, from the summits of which Wallenstein calmly and securely discharged the lightnings of his artillery from amid the dark thunder-clouds of smoke.

Then we looked over our little barricade to ascertain what effect our fire had produced, and were much gratified at seeing three dead Indians and one horse lying on the ground.

Futile barricade.

The elder Philipson was shortly after summoned to the Duke's presence, introduced by a back entrance into the ducal pavilion, and into that part of it which, screened by close curtains and wooden barricades, formed Charles's own separate apartment.

With an effort Paul dragged one or two heavy pieces of furniture across the room, in the form of a rough barricade.

" This formed an indifferent barricade, very low, too short, and which left the pavements free on either side.

In the adjoining barricade in the Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, the troops this morning made no prisoners.

The Indians did not give us a very long rest, for with, another desperate charge, as if to ride over us, they came dashing towards the mule barricade.

In a short time the gates were closed, chains were stretched across the thoroughfares, and numerous barricades were erected.

We walked slowly back to the partial barricade which compelled the motors to slow down.

Note the protective barricade of ammunition boxes and sandbags.

Then, in June 1832, came desperate street fighting in Paris, and Marius was in command of one of the revolutionary barricades.

Behind a rude barricade of wagons and household goods, part of the train of non-combatants which Osman Pasha had ordered to accompany the army in the sortie, a great number of dead lay in confusion.

It's better not to look at the silly old barricade.

The border chiefs felt willing enough to lead their awkward squads against the slight barricades of Lawrence, but quailed at the unlooked-for prospect of encountering the carbines and sabers of half a regiment of regular dragoons and the grape-shot of a well-drilled light battery.

There was a stout barricade of wire in front of the next trench, and an order was shouted along to halt and lie down in front of it.

It was a painfully surprised trio that confronted Racey and his unwilling barricade.

Further charges had broken against a massive barricade, the value of which as a defense paid good interest on the expenditure of German lives which its construction demanded.

It was there, on the 6th, that I saw, for the first time, an armed barricade.

The length of this line was only 270 yards, and on its right were a few barricades, not continuous, occupied by the insurgents, extending over to the large rice swamp, just east of the road from Pasay to Paco (shown on the accompanying map).

32 adjectives to describe  barricade