7 adjectives to describe bathroom

In addition we had our splendid bathroom where we could take a bath every week.

I loathe hot baths in tiny bathrooms, where the air gets all steamy and you can't get your breath.

I've been given shares in unproven El Doradoes times out of number, and could paper the wall of, say, a good-sized bathroom with the stock certificatesmay do it some day if I ever settle down.

Finally he wandered into the adjoining bathroom, took a hot bath, packed away at the bottom of the steamer trunk the clothes which he had been wearing, went to bedand slept.

"Damn," Oliver said, emerging from the steamy bathroom, "onions!"

In another hole to which the general took me was the officers' mess about as large as a suburban bathroom.

In the morning she ran, huddling on her dressing-gown, into a heated bathroom, and when she emerged from this, the maid had always lighted her fire, and laid her breakfast-tray close to the blaze.

7 adjectives to describe  bathroom