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39 adjectives to describe beak

They were white birds with long wings and long sharp beaks, and were very much like gulls, except that they had an easier and swifter flight.

Then in the midst of the crowrd of birds he saw one of great size wheeling about like a king or giant among the others, with wings of amazing length, wild eyes of a glittering yellow, and a yellow beak half as long as Martin's arm, with a huge vulture-like hook at the end.

It was a pleasant spot, and while we sat there dozens of small birds, of the size and general appearance of the cuckoo, save in their hooked beaks, attracted by the scent of our cold meats, came hopping tamely about on the lower limbs of the forest trees around us.

I was just thinking that I would not like to have her sharp little beak fastened in my skin, when I heard some one say, "Beautiful Joe."

she will buffet you with her broad wings, and dash boldly at your face with her stout beak.

To tell a live Shrimp from a Prawn, look at the long pointed beak which juts out from the front of the head.

The powerful webbed feet of the Cormorant, set far back on the body, the darting head, long neck, and long curved beak, tell you plainly how he earns his meals.

Ducks have large flat beaks.

And what an enormous beak!

There are strange birds, too. One, whom you may see in the Zoological Gardens, like a plover with a straight beak and bittern's plumage, from 'The Main,' whose business is to walk about the table at meals uttering sad metallic noises and catching flies.

" Captain Sharkey leant back in thought, with his huge thin beak of a nose jutting upwards.

The man, believing that possibly the "devil-bird" had broken out of its cage and was about to carry him off in its gigantic beak, gave a shrill scream of terror, and bouncing up, broke the slender hold Frank had secured upon his person. Not to be outdone, Frank, recovering, chased after him.

With a curve and a sweep he circles round, down come the long bony legs, the bald and hideous neck is extended, and with talons quivering for the rotting flesh, and cruel beak agape, he hurries on to his repast, the embodiment of everything ghoul-like and ghastly.

There sat a raven 'mid the pines so dark, The pines so silent and so dark at morn A ragged bird with feathers rough and torn, Whetting his grimy beak upon the bark, And croaking hoarsely to the woods forlorn.

The long, thin white hair, curly at the ends, the aristocratic beak of a nose, the crumpled, wide, raveling shirt front, the string tie, with the bow nearly under one ear, were almost exactly duplicated.

" Nick put out his hand to the newcomer who had a haughty beak of a nose, little forehead, and less chin.

Not many of them, but they came flopping about the dead bodies, and the living, with hungry beaks.

The speaker spread his first and second fingers fanwise under the big, interested beak.

"The bitter breeze makes light the bosky boughs which the gentle breeze makes thick with leaves, and the joyous beaks of the birds in the branches it keeps silent and dumb, paired and not paired.

Her head, flattened on top, her nose tilted downwards like a lovely little beak, her throat swelling and swelling as it poured out that extraordinary volume of sound, all made me think that she must have been a nightingale before she was transmigrated into a human being!

This bird is a toucan, of brilliant plumage and monstrous beak.

Another one, the Bottle-nose Whale, has a long, narrow "beak," and is sometimes washed up on our shores.

A species of Balisier, which we did not see there, carried crimson and black parrot beaks with blue seed-vessels; a Canne de Riviere, {161a} with a stem eight feet high, wreathed round with pale green leaves in spiral twists, unfolded hooded flowers of thinnest transparent white wax, with each a blush of pink inside.

Above them, the white curlews swooped and curved and opened their pine wood beaks to squawk a prayer for dead fish.

The Warblers mostly have smooth slender beaks, but the Vireos have stouter ones, with a little hooked point that enables them to pick out and secure a great variety of insects.

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