57 adjectives to describe bearers

A gaunt, tall, spectacled creature, gender feminine, number singular, person first, case always possessive, that's the standard bearer; a broomstick from the top of which floats a petticoat, that's the standard.

Every now and again the cry was heard "another casualty on No. 4!" and stretcher bearers would start down the road from the Command Post.

Milo, the serious-faced little burden bearer, was growing fast, and lacked stamina.

Henry de Essex, the hereditary standard-bearer, seized with a panic, threw down the standard, took to flight and exclaimed, that the king.

The Parthians make no use of a shield, but their forces consist of mounted archers and pike-bearers, mostly in full armor.

Her dim eyes followed the young manthis brave bearer of the awful burden of the divine missionwatching him press on to the river.

Yet he rested not there, nor had pity, But went forth in his might, Where Heracles wandered, the lonely Bow-bearer, and lent him his hands For the wrecking of one land only, Of Ilion, Ilion only, Most hated of lands!

Invulnerable torch-bearer.

Ah!" As he spoke the Union flag he had seen came forward, but it was in the hands of a rebel bearer, and was upside down in mockery.

" "An Irish laborer laid a wager with another hod bearer that the latter could not carry him up the ladder to the top of a house in his hod, without letting him fall.

Prosper is an honest Tale-bearer, he makes it his business to join in Conversation with Envious Men.

Next day, while Rudolph Musgrave was making out the list of honorary pall-bearers, the postman brought a letter which had been forwarded from Chicago.

But after a first fever of passion had passed, she had proved to be a cold, calculating child-bearer, hostile to expansiveness of love out of religious scruples, viewing it her duty to bring new offsprings into the world to perpetuate the House of Brull and to fill "grandaddy" don Matías with pride at sight of a nursery full of future "personages" destined to the heights of political greatness in the District and in the nation.

Moreover, their interest is stimulated by the fact that they are the first to gain by any temporary economies, and the more so because of the illusory belief sure to persist, that they are the ultimate as well as the immediate bearers of the costs.

They are inveterate burden-bearers, and they industriously cut into pieces and carry off any garment they can get at; and we had to guard our shoes and clothes from them, just as we had often had to guard all our belongings against the termites.

"For me," the Pope was represented as saying, "for me the beard of Paul, the sword of Paul, all things of Paul: that key-bearer, Peter, is no way to my liking.

They met the lantern bearer at the foot of the steps.

Presently here were the merry burden-bearers behind their radiant guide, whispered ah's

Tradition has it that this was the body of a great Saxon chief, Aethelhum, the mighty standard-bearer of the Mercian King Ethelbald.

Both columns belonged to the Third Army Corps and kept up constant communication with each other through mounted dispatch bearers and motor cycles.

However distant the house of a deceased person, and whether he be rich or poor, high or low in rank, his body is always carried to the towers by the official corpse-bearers, called Nasasalár, who form a distinct class, the mourners walking behind.

" The next morning at breakfast the pale and nervous standard-bearer was affectionately greeted by his mother-in-law.

Sometimes they have been the peaceful bearers of glad tidings to the anxious lover, and to the merchant of the no less welcome news of the safe arrival of his vessel at the desired port.

That is the cucullo, which Mr. Hazard, in his book on Cuba, calls a "bright peripatetic candle-bearer, by whose brilliant light one can not only walk, but even read."

Hesketh was reduced to despair; after two months in bed, this could not but be a trying journey under the most favourable circumstances, and the prospect as held out by his pessimistic bearer was pretty gloomyno boats available, and no signs of our doungas.

57 adjectives to describe  bearers