81 adjectives to describe beat

But tonight, a strange lassitude of spirit was upon him and he only wanted to relax his weary brain and dream away the snowy miles to the rhythmic beat of the horses' hoofs.

Now, however, it was a case of all hands to the pumps, and for a time it seemed as if they were slowly gaining on the in-rushing water, but suddenly there was an increase reported in the well, casting a shadow of gloom over all, but not for an instant staying the steady beat of the pumps.

Her heart gave a little beat.

As I sat absorbed in bitter thought, I heard the sound of hoof beats up the road and saw a horseman coming.

For, notwithstanding he is often on the wing, he never flies overland, but whirs with, rapid, quail-like beat above the stream, tracing all its windings.

To what act in the passion drama had her love come to-night as she floated round the room, with her head inclined towards her lover's breast, the strong pulsation of his heart sounding in her ear, like the rhythmical beat of the basses yonder in Waldteufel's last waltz?

Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat.

The double double double beat Of the thundering drum Cries, hark!

Behind him, a long way, came the column; his quickened nerves felt the slow beat of their tread, like the breathing of some great animal.

And I knew that they made some great preparation in the Pyramid for our defence; for all the night did begin now to shake and to quiver with the mighty beat of the Earth-Current.

For a space he continued to hold her so, speaking no word, and through his silence there came to her the quick, fierce beat of his heart.

From far down this line came a low ringing chant and the strangely insistent drum-beats.

They were a certain rhythmical muffled beat, punctuated at intervals by a slight rustling of paper; and a series of metallic clicks, softened somewhat by distance.

And my heart keeps the normal beat.

The soil about us shook to the long boom of thunder War loose and making music on his crashing brazen gongs The sharp hoof-beat, the thresh of feet stirred our old bones down under; Wheels upon wheels ground overhead; then with a glow of wonder We heard the chant of Englishmen singing their marching songs.

The love within us rushes, with swift, sweet heart-beats, to meet the love responsive in some other.

He's a hillbilly gaucho with a rhumba beat.

The city had read the story when Anderson awoke the next morning, for The Intelligencer had made a clean "beat," and Burns had played up the story tremendously, hence it was with jumping pulses that Paul scanned the front page of that journal.

And from one and another of the sangars the monotonous beat of a tom-tom came to Luffe's ears.

She stopped before a luxuriant wild myrtle, pulling at the branches, while she sang, "When the little hollow drum beats to bed, When the little fifer hangs his head, When is mute the Moorish flute" Her song was suddenly interrupted by a clasp round the waist, and a warm kiss on the lips.

Overhead, the river of flame swayed slower, and even slower; until, at last, it swung to the North and South in great, ponderous beats, that lasted through seconds.

Come with your native flowers, Heartsease and lotus bloom, Enwrap my weary senses With the cloud of their perfume; For the whispers of thought tire me, Their constant, dull repeat, Like low waves throbbing, sobbing, With endless, endless beat.

The sea was running very high, but with the falling wind the waves came in more leisurely and with less of broken water, curling over in a tawny sweep and regular thunderous beat all along the bay for miles.

The men had put him in a box stall, and had done all they could, but his eyes were rolling, and his heart missed every fourth beat.

And in that time, oft did Naani hear the call of "Mirdath" thrilling about her; and twice there came the solemn beat of the Master-Word in the night.

81 adjectives to describe  beat
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