90 adjectives to describe bees

He knew "How doth the little busy bee" so well as to be able to repeat it without a mistake, for his mother had taught it him, and he had understood it.

When the bell was done ringing, and all these busy little bees swarmed into their hive, there was a solitude in the place.

He began to look at the bees, and saw that they were unlike other wild bees he knew, that they were like humble-bees in shape but much smaller, and were all of a golden brown colour: they were in scores and hundreds coming and going, and had their home or nest in the rock a few feet above his head.

The Governor came with his Light-horse Troop And his mounted trackmen, all cock-a-hoop; Halberds glittered and colors flew, French horns whinnied and trumpets blew, The yellow fifes whistled between their teeth And the bumble-bee bass-drums boomed beneath; So he rode with all his band, Till the President met him, cap in hand.

Shortly afterward his attention was attracted to a crowd of angry bees that were flying excitedly about his head, when he discovered that he was sitting upon their hive, which was found to contain more than 200 pounds of honey.

A storm of red, whirling sparks fly upward, like bright golden bees from out a hive, to a height of a hundred feet.

The moan of doves in immemorial elms, And murmuring of innumerable bees.

My lambs been all found dead, as soon as born; Or raging plagues run swift through every hive, And left not one industrious bee alive; Had early winds, with an hoarse winter's found Scattered my rip'ning fruit upon the ground: Unmov'd, untoucht, I cou'd the loss sustain, And a few days expir'd, no more complain.

The first brown honey-bees brought to California are said to have arrived in San Francisco in March, 1853.

Our transport and the dock looked as if they had a huge swarm of yellow bees hanging over everything.

In their season, which is after the gilias are at their best, and before the larkspurs are ripe for pollen gathering, every terminal whorl of the lupin sends up its blossom stalk, not holding any constant blue, but paling and purpling to guide the friendly bee to virginal honey sips, or away from the perfected and depleted flower.

They were through New Westminster and rolling across the Fraser bridge before she was well settled in the seat, breasting the road with a lurch and a swing at the curves, a noise under that long hood like giant bees in an empty barrel.

Mamma said, "Have you nothing to say to these pretty bees, Louisa?"

Sil. Well met, fair Nymph, or Goddesse if ye bee; Tis straunge, me thinkes, that one of your degree Should walke these solitary groues alone.

His imperial bees are swarming, but we shall send him back with his bees in his bonnet, and a bee's mark (BISMARCK) on the end of his nasal organ.

The receipt is, to take any ordinary female bee in its infancy, put it into a royal cradle or cell, and feed it with a certain kind of jelly; upon which its shape alters into that of sovereignty, and her Majesty issues forth, royal by the grace of stomach.

Then she being caused to have a glancing look like that of Kandarpa when first descended to earth, corresponding therewith having her gracefully-curved creeper eyebrows sportively playing; with the network of the rays of light of her lips oscillated by the waves of the wind of her breath, like twigs moved in sport, as if beating off the bees eager to catch the perfume of heir lotus-face.

Beyond it is what the Chippewas call Bub-eesh-ko-be, meaning the far off, indistinct prospect of a water scene, till the reality, in the feeble power of human vision, loses itself in the clouds and sky.

So that next off-spring of the Makers love, Next to himselfe in glorious degree, Degendering* to hate, fell from above Through pride; (for pride and love may ill agree;) 95 And now of sinne to all ensample bee: How then can sinfull flesh it selfe assure, Sith purest angels fell to be impure?

I believe an old-fashioned husking bee, if they had plenty of hard cider to go with it, was just as bad as thiscoarser if not so vulgar.

The council breaks up, "Being abroad, the earth was overlaid With fleckers to them, that came forth; as when of frequent bees Swarms rise out of a hollow rock, repairing the degrees Of their egression endlessly,with ever rising new From forth their sweet nest; as their store, still as it faded, grew, "And never would cease sending forth her dusters to the spring.

Of course 'Tenty sat in the "keeping-room," where the old sofa was; and of course Ned had nothing better to do than to watch the gay, good little bee at her toil, hear her involuntary snatches of hymn-singing, laugh at her bright simplicity, and fall in love with her, sailor-fashion,"here to-day, and gone tomorrow.

Of whatsoe'er descent their godhead be, 100 Stock, stone, or other homely pedigree, In his defence his servants are as bold, As if he had been born of beaten gold.

She lashed out with her flesh-eating gray wolves, her sinister crows, and her horrific stinging bees.

This impertinent bee will not rest quiet.

90 adjectives to describe  bees
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