11 adjectives to describe betterment

The scope of woman's work for civic betterment is wider than the interests that directly affect children.

And if a change of religion could be justified for worldly betterment, I would advise it without hesitation.

I foresaw, not without a certain wicked cheerfulness, that, even after the coming of Miss Caroline, Clem would be forced to pander to my breakfast appetites for the slight betterment it made in his fortunes, even must this be done surreptitiously.

The colonizationists could do no more than to express doubt that the Negroes would have there the opportunities for mental, moral and social betterment which were offered in Liberia.

I am not the only one who says thatif you were to ask the people of our State to name the one man who had done most for the State as a State, most for her progressive betterment, most for her people high and low, white and black, they would answer, 'Judge Lee Sands.'

"You are to have the patronage: we are to pay for all actual betterments for which vouchers can be shown at the close of the deal.

To chasten him is to afflict him with trouble for his reformation or spiritual betterment.

But to a population slowly increasing, a new and ever newer agriculture, utilizing constantly the achievements of the natural sciences and the mechanic arts, ensures the possibility of a steady betterment of the popular welfare in city and in open country alike. § 10.

Modification, in the direction of the most surprising betterment, is the miracle that has been wrought.

He has been and is now a leader in the movement for the vital betterment of his people, the people of Matto Grosso.

The cost of keeping this in the trim fashion decreed as essential, of planting and pruning of shrubs, of maintaining in immaculate condition the sidewalks and front steps, like most of the items in cost of living, is due to changed standards, just as the cost of table-board has advanced from $3 to $6 without a corresponding betterment in quality.

11 adjectives to describe  betterment