129 adjectives to describe blast

Presently before them the ground sloped sharply down, and while Beltane shouted warning to those behind, his voice was drowned in sudden trumpet-blast, and glancing to his left, he beheld at last all those knights and men-at-arms who had ridden with his father in their reserve all daya glittering column, rank on rank, at whose head, his sable armour agleam, his great, white charger leaping 'neath the spur, Duke Beltane rode.

There was an instant of silence, followed by a terrible rending sound; then a loud blast.

So when an angel by divine command With rising tempests shakes a guilty land, Such as of late o'er pale Britannia passed, Calm and serene he drives the furious blast,

Alas! Nor wife nor children more shall he behold, Nor friends nor sacred home: on every nerve The deadly Winter seizes, shuts up sense, And, o'er his inmost vitals creeping cold, Lays him along the snows a stiffened corse, Stretched out and bleaching in the northern blast.

The thunder rolls from cloud to cloud, And the bitter blast sweeps o'er the sea, Shaking the waters mightily; But ne'er the tempest's voice so loud, Sinketh down to the things that lie The lovely things that sleeping lie, Deep in the bosom of the ocean.

Still they ran on bravely, bending to the fierce blasts, heading the wind as best they could, till Mooka, tripping a second time in a little hollow where a brook ran deep under the snow, and knowing now that they were but wandering in an endless circle, seized Noel's arm and repeated her question: "Are we lost, little brother?"

So long as I was with them, I shielded them from the rude blasts of the world; but now they are without a protector.

" Inspector Seldon had been waiting on the steps for the appearance of a cab from the rank round the corner in response to the shrill blast which the sergeant had blown on his whistle.

Hallbut she shook off the thought and had opened her mouth to speak when the sharp blast of an engine whistle made them jump.

" "Ingrate!plunge us into the chilly blasts of the North, in return for our glorious Southern sun?

As he did so, a keen blast blew in; a window in the adjoining room was open.

'I saw his name on the' Schreiermeyer began, but he was interrupted by a tremendous blast from the ship's horn, the first warning for non-passengers to go ashore.

Oh, for the antique world, its plain passion, its plain joys in the sea, where the Triton blew a plaintive blast, and the forest where the whiteness of the nymph was seen escaping!

But we have said he was shy and sensitive; like a delicate plant he needed sunshine to develope his nature, and shrank from the rough chilling blast.

They would have been out of place in the bleak autumn blasts, and wan, colorless seasons of Acredale, where the sun, bleary and dim, furtively skirted the low horizon from November until April, as if ashamed to be identified with the glorious courser that rode the radiant summer sky.

We eat so much, and we burn so much wood, and so many gallons of oil'" "The back of the winter's broken, mother dear!" said Gilbert, as a terrific blast shook the blinds as a terrier would a rat.

" Milly remained at the window for some minutes after nurse's departure, then her quick eyes noticed a poor wretched little kitten mewing pitifully as she vainly tried to shelter herself from the violent blasts by crouching close to a tree.

Moved to pity by her evident terror, Dietrich blew a resounding blast on his horn, and Gunther paused in his work of destruction to inquire how he might serve the man who had ever shown himself a friend.

The lofty western hills formed a sharp yet graceful bend in the stream, round which a fleet of small craft, with rakish hulls and snowy sails, were stealing quietly and softly, like black swans with white wings; the stillness and repose were only broken by the occasional trumpet blast of some giant high-pressure steamer, as she dashed past them with lightning speed.

"O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come, Our shelter from the stormy blast And our eternal home!"

and so stood agape, what time a trumpet brayed a fitful blast from the road and was answered afar.

"Oh! there is nothingwhen our work's before us, Like despatch; for, while our time is brief, Some sweeping blast may suddenly come o'er us, Lose our place, and turn another leaf!

At the mouth of the Gap a ragged private stood before a ragged tent, raised a long dinner horn to his lips, and a mighty blast rang through the hills, reveille!

that fall'n beneath the angry blast, Which marks with wither'd sweets its fearful way, I grieve to see thee on the low earth cast, While beauty's trembling tints fade fast away.

"The Moors have ta'en their vantage-ground, The volleys thunder fast The dark defile is blazing Like a heated oven-blast; The lion hears the strange turmoil, And leaves his mangled prey No place was that for him to feed;

129 adjectives to describe  blast