129 adjectives to describe blazing

If in quiet contemplation of a cheerful ruddy blaze He sees nothing there recalling all his happy yesterdays, Then his mind is dead to fancy and his life is bleak and bare,

This Chinese Revolution burst into sudden blaze in October, 1911, and reached a triumphant close on February 12, 1912, when the Royal Edict, given in the following article, was proclaimed at Peking.

In five minutes he had a cheery little blaze going, and more wood drying out close beside it.

The smouldering fire had leaped to a fierce blaze.

So he went for wood, made a cheery blaze in the fireplace, and drew two chairs up to it.

Fainter and fainter as I gaze On the broad blaze The glimmering landscape shines, And below me the black river Is hidden by wreaths of vapor!

He held the medal lower to catch the fitful blaze.

At the same instant a dazzling, blinding, yellow blaze illuminated the whole scene.

The sun stood crossed by thin cloudsa golden blaze in a golden skysinking to meet a ragged horizon line of purple.

The opening lines of the same canto, transplanted from the Curse of Minerva, are even more suggestive: Slow sinks, more lovely ere his race be run, Along Morea's hill the setting sun, Not, as in northern climes, obscurely bright, But one unclouded blaze of living light, &c. In the same way, the later cantos of Harold are steeped in Switzerland and in Italy.

a merry blaze wherein father and mother and sister burned and screamed and diedin faith, a roguish blaze!

But not a brilliant blaze I own, Of the dull smoke I'm yet asham'd; I was a dreary ruin grown, And not enlighten'd though inflam'd.

He is egotist enough to hope that the present "blazing of the track," inadequate and feeble though it be, may induce other and better equipped explorers to follow.

At the same instant a dazzling, blinding, yellow blaze illuminated the whole scene.

"The days grew longer and longer, Till they became as one; And southward through the haze I saw the sullen blaze Of the red midnight sun.

The wind, having free ingress, fanned the fire into a furious blaze, and in a few moments the Dolphin was wrapped in flames from stem to stern.

No more tire morn, with tepid rays, Unfolds the flow'r of various hue; Noon spreads no more the genial blaze, Nor gentle eve distils the dew.

With a yell, the old gentleman dropped the candle, which lay on the floor, the thin blaze ascending upward and dimly lighting the scene.

" He experienced difficulty making it light, but at last the tiny blaze illumined the spot where we stood.

Colossal spires 200 feet in height waved like supple golden-rods chanting and bowing low as if in worship, while the whole mass of their long, tremulous foliage was kindled into one continuous blaze of white sun-fire.

Then they walked on slowly through the passion-stirred throng and the nightly blaze of the Boulevards.

The beauty of these verses baffles praise: What guide is needed to the solar blaze?

But what's the use of setting down That glorious blaze behind the town?

[t]The festal blazes, the triumphal show, The ravish'd standard, and the captive foe, The senate's thanks, the gazette's pompous tale, With force resistless o'er the brave prevail.

As they came nearer into the pathway of light that the pine blaze sent forth from the open door, something that looked like a pennon of gold streamed out, and a clear but rather shaken voice cried, "Lula, Lula, I've kept my promise; I've kept my promise!"

129 adjectives to describe  blazing
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