71 adjectives to describe blending

I., is a curious blend of Lamb's own experiences at school with those of Coleridge.

It was the curious blending of professional disappointment and a personal and characteristic appreciation of the surprising situation, which made me observe him, I suppose.

The floor and gallery presented the same promiscuous blending of hues and shades.

But Leatherstocking has higher qualities; in him there is a genial blending of the gentlest virtues of the civilized man with the better nature of the aboriginal tribes; all that in them is noble, generous, and ideal, is adopted into his own kindly character, and all that is evil is rejected.

His was a little Flibbertigibbet of a face, already lined with the practice of mimicry; and there was in it a very attractive blending of tenderness and humour.

The eleven stanzas of the lover's song to Maud, the "Queen Rose of the rosebud garden of girls," are such an exquisite blending of woodbine spice and musk of rose, of star and daffodil sky, of music of flute and song of bird, of the soul of the rose with the passion of the lover, of meadows and violets,that we easily understand why Tennyson loved to read these lines.

On both sides, the gallery presented the same unconscious blending of colors.

Melding will pay you dividends in lighter, brighter, better blends.

Morning, noon, and night, the quarter in which the Hotel of the Three Desires was situated was fragrant with the smell of garbage and Chinese tobacco; a peculiar blend of perfume, which once smelt is not to be soon forgotten.

A useful blending of Allied women.

Melding will pay you dividends in lighter, brighter, better blends.

Speaking rapidly, Karl said, with a peculiar blending of merriment, humility, and anxiety in his tone, "Mademoiselle, you are quick to discover my disguise; will you also be kind in concealing?

If, thus by mutual labours join'd, Your jarring souls should be combin'd, The faults of each the other mending, The powers of both harmonious blending; Great Jove, perhaps, in gracious vein, May send your souls on Earth again; Yet there One only Painter be; For thus the eternal Fates decree: One Leg alone shall never run, Nor two Half-Painters make but

" If Mr. Whedell's double eyeglass had been astride his nose instead of swinging in his fingers, he might have noticed a faint paleness blending with the deep yellow of Mr. Chiffield's complexion.

It's a fascinating blend of ideas.'

So far as I can understand Savonarola, his failure was due to two causes: firstly, his fatal blending of religion and politics, and secondly, the conviction which his temporary success with the susceptible Florentines bred in his heated mind that he was destined to carry all before him, totally failing to appreciate the Florentine character with all its swift and deadly changes and love of change.

Then, he grew hungrya thing that rarely if ever happened to himand dipped his toast, spread with a special butter, in a cup of tea, a flawless blend of Siafayoune, Moyoutann and Khanskyyellow teas which had come from China to Russia by special caravans.

What she knew of sex was a fuzzy blend of Michelangelo and the diaries of Anais Nin.

There was not a column about it, whether Grecian, Roman, or Egyptian; no Venetian blinds; no verandah or piazza; no outside paint, nor gay blending of colours.

Coerced, thy Spirit smiled, sedate in pride, Fixt as the pine, while circling storms contend; But, when in Life's serener duties tried, How sweetly did its gentle essence blend, All-beauteous in the wife, the daughter, and the friend!

On approaching we discovered a detachment of Tirailleurs from Algiers, sitting in groups, and the "poppies" were the red fezes of the mena gorgeous blending of crimson and gold.

Here, as in many other cases of Nature's forces, there seems to be a gradual blending, rather than a sharp dividing line between the two classes of phenomena.

In him the European blood, of the best in the British Isles, arrested the abandon of the aborigine, and created a hesitant blend of dignity and awkwardness.

Its beauty consists in a certain immature blending of motives chosen almost indiscriminately from Christian and pagan mythology, vitalised by the imagination of the artist, and presented with the originality of true creative instinct.

And if there be whom broken ties Afflict, or injuries assail, Yon hazy ridges to their eyes Present a glorious scale Climbing suffused with sunny air, To stopno record hath told where; And tempting Fancy to ascend, And with immortal spirits blend!

71 adjectives to describe  blending
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