152 adjectives to describe bloomed

At times, I whispered back, and my whispers brought to her spirit face, once more, an indescribably delicate tintthe bloom of love.

Those cherry lips that breathe perfume, That cheek so ripe with youthful bloom, Made me with strong desire pursue The fairest peach that ever grew.

No more to him "Returns Day, or the sweet approach of even or morn, Or sight of vernal bloom, or summer's rose, Or flocks, or herds, or human face divine; But clouds, instead, and ever-during dark Surround"

Again has come the Spring-time, With the crocus's golden bloom, With the smell of the fresh-turned earth-mould, And the violet's perfume.

And in a while to Beltane's straining senses came the faint creak of a door, a soft rustle, the swift light tread of feet, and starting forth of his lurking place he stepped forward with yearning arms outstretchedthen paused of a sudden beholding her who stood at gaze, one slender foot advanced and white hands full of roses and lilies, one as fair, as sweet and pure as the fragrant blooms she bore.

Once more through miles of trellised vines The purple bloom of vintage glows; Once more amid my palms and pines I breathe the perfume of the rose.

She lived to see it grown into a fine Provence rose, draping the whole south-east corner of Bayfield with its yellow bloom.

"Their fine natural health, or the frosty weather, gave to the complexions of the peasantry, particularly the females and children, a beautiful rosy bloom.

The fever had passed away; and the sense of restored happiness, joined to youth and a naturally good constitution, had a rapid effect in renovating her strength and spirits, and recalling a faint bloom to her cheek.

Its hair, which hung about its neck and down its back, was white as if with age; and yet the face had not a wrinkle in it, and the tenderest bloom was on the skin.

A twig of finger size will be furred to the thickness of one's wrist by pink five-petaled bloom, so close that only the blunt-faced wild bees find their way in it.

A garden-plot the mountain air perfumes, Mid the dark pines a little orchard blooms; A zig-zag path from the domestic skiff, Threading the painful crag, surmounts the cliff.

Her dumpy little form was dressed in the loudest of prints, the figures of which turned her into a huge flower bed of brilliant cabbage-like blooms.

Previous artists had imitated Nature too carelessly,not deeply perceiving that wisdom and virtue, striving in man to resist senescence and decay, must in a goddess accomplish their purpose, and preserve her in perpetual bloom.

Instead, he visited the most famous greenhouses within a radius of many miles, contracting for all the floral blooms that art and skill could produce.

Ah! the brow of snow and the peach-bloom cheek may snare the heart of man for a time, but the loving look alone can forge that adamantine chain that time, age, eternity shall never break.

The bride o' the master o' the 'Heather Bell' should be wed with the heather bloom on her.

Thus, while he had lived and not beheld, these trees had waved, these waters rolled, these clouds gathered,grass had grown, and flowers unfolded; for he saw the scarlet bloom before Elizabeth plucked it.

A garden-plot the mountain air perfumes, Mid the dark pines a little orchard blooms; A zig-zag path from the domestic skiff, Threading the painful crag, surmounts the cliff.

Kyrene once from Pelion's wind-echoing dells Leto's son, the flowing-haired, caught up and in a golden car bore away the huntress-maiden to the place where he made her queen of a land rich in flocks, yea richest of all lands in the fruits of the field, that her home might be the third part of the mainland of earth, a stock that should bear lovely bloom.

And if that destiny could fail, The sun should darken in the sky, The eternal bloom of Nature pale, And God, and Truth, and Freedom die! AGNES OF SORRENTO.

Delight and Leslie sat before the Green Cottage one morning, in the heart of a golden haze and a gorgeous bloom.

And he was entitled to triumph over them, for they were the only white roses there, and had been secured by himself, like the wandering urchin he was with a spice of knight-errantry in his composition, quite ready to jump over walls and cajole damsels in order to deck a bride with snowy blooms.

Bestowing on the season's gloom The bliss of a perennial bloom.

Sweet blooms GENISTA in the myrtle shade, And ten fond brothers woo the haughty maid.

152 adjectives to describe  bloomed
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