5 adjectives to describe boches

And then, when our men went out to receive them, fall flat, to make way for a force of armed boches immediately behind them, who opened fireplain murder as ever was done.

"You don't suppose those bloody Boches got him at the lastafter all he's been through?

These brutal 'Boches' are going to put themselves in a veritable death-trap.

I persisted, and the next "masterpiece" was the figure of a soldier (afterwards Private Blobs, of "Fragments") sitting up a tree staring straight in front of him into the future, whilst a party of corpulent Boches are stalking towards him through the long grass and barbed wire.

A mine has been exploded upon your front, leaving a crater into which predatory Boches will certainly creep at night.

5 adjectives to describe  boches