78 adjectives to describe bottoms

The waters of this little lake are clearer and more transparent than those of any other we had seen; we could see the white shells on its sandy bottom, fifteen feet below the surface.

The inconstant April mornings drop showers or sunbeams over the glistening lake, while far beneath its surface a murky mass disengages itself from the muddy bottom, and rises slowly through the waves.

The Prince took up a bold and critical position, exposed to violent currents, to grounding on a rocky bottom, and to many other serious accidents.

It has a false bottom.

To avoid a like disaster he had had his boats built for this expedition, shallow of draft and with flat bottoms that they might be beached.

The crisis was eventually overcome by drawing upon every source (including the Grand Fleet) for destroyers to escort the tankers through the submarine danger areas, and by the assistance given us by the Ministry of Shipping in bringing supplies of oil fuel to this country in the double bottoms of merchant ships.

A footpath wound its way gently down the sloping land till it reached the broad river bottom; creeping through the long swamp grasses that bent over it on either side, it came out on the edge of the Missouri.

upon merchandise conveyed under the Spanish flag, and about twice as much for that carried in foreign bottoms.

Before us stretched a fertile bottom, covered by a fair, open walnut wood, with very little underbrush, and rising gradually to a higher bottom, which reached to a range of hills two or three hundred feet in height.

The road now necessarily left the lake, traversing those broad alluvial bottoms which have been deposited during thirty centuries by the washings of the Rhone, aided, if faith is to be given to geological symptoms and to ancient traditions, by certain violent convulsions of nature.

In Montana there is a long stretch of the Missouri River, with a narrow, shifting bottom, bordered on either side by miles of bad-lands, which would serve as such a State park.

And surely it might be that I was come down into the dry bottom of that same olden sea, and should presently have sight of the Little Pyramid.

Under all his incalculableness there had always been a hard foundation of reliability: it seemed to be a matter of choice with him whether he let one feel that solid bottom or not.

So I ducked and groped around in the marshy bottom and I felt something hard with a point to it.

The gulf was here so much narrower, and the bottom so uneven and rocky, that an anchorage was now of material importance, but our poverty in anchors made me fearful of risking our last upon a bottom of the least questionable nature.

Half an hour later they came out into the grassy creek bottom of the valley.

The baker's old-fashioned method is to throw a handful of flour on the oven bottom.

To form a thick bottom quickly on new Lawns sow 60 lbs., or 3 bushels, to the acre; for improving old ones, 20 lbs.

How ardent I seized it with hands that were glowing, And quick to the white-pebbled bottom it fell; Then soon, with the emblem of truth overflowing, And dripping with coolness, it rose from the well: The old oaken bucket, the ironbound bucket, The moss-covered bucket arose from the well.

Aryballus: A bottle-shaped vase with pointed bottom.

Afterward, when he was loping steadily down the coulée bottom with his fresh-made tracks pointing the way before him, he broke out irrelevantly and viciously: "A real, old range rider yuh can bank on, one way or the otherbut damn a pilgrim!"

FISH-KETTLES are made in an oblong form, and have two handles, with a movable bottom, pierced full of holes, on which the fish is laid, and on which it may be lifted from the water, by means of two long handles attached to each side of the movable bottom.

My knees were skinned from the rough bottom, but I scratched desperately to obtain a footing.

Grease an angel cake or deep round tin and line bottom with greased paper.

Between these two ranges of islands we only obtained one cast of the lead which gave us thirty-three fathoms on a coral bottom.

78 adjectives to describe  bottoms