31 adjectives to describe boyhood

Could it be that the man whom I had served faithfully from our mutual boyhood, whose slightest wish had been my law, to serve whom I would have laid down my life, while I had confidence in his integritycould it be that he had so cruelly and wickedly deceived me?

Out of a harum-scarum, willful boyhood he had emerged into a finely tempered, steady young manhood.

Even in his blundering, willful boyhood he had played hard and played fair and taken defeat like a man when things had gone against him.

Drowsy old summer, I'd like to forget Some things which I've learned an' some hurts I have met; I'd like the old visions of splendor an' joy Which were mine to possess as a barefooted boy When I dreamed of the glorious deeds I would do As soon as I'd galloped my brief boyhood through; I'd like to come back an' look into your skies With that wondrous belief an' those far-seeing eyes.

To use the language of Cicero, he has rendered those studies which nurtured boyhood delightful to age"Athenæum

He had just reached the age of eleven years, when the young candidate for knighthood was usually taken out of the hands of the women to whom his infancy and extreme boyhood had been intrusted and when it was thought proper for him to commence his education in earnest.

They had almost forgotten that they were Volunteers, and went about their studies and pastimes with the fine care-freedom of glorious boyhood.

But many words are born in an entirely normal way; have a grubby boyhood, a vigorous youth, and a sober maturity; marry, beget sons and daughters, become old, enfeebled, even senile; and suffer neglect, if not death.

His Sentimental Tommy (1896), although not so widely popular, is an unusually original, semi-autobiographical story of imaginative boyhood.

Must he so soon close the gate of Eden behind him?leaving forever his immortal boyhood sleeping amid the never-fading flowers.

Why, then, do we foolishly speak of innocent boyhood? Girls, on the other hand, may be innocent,that is to say, when they are extremely young.

His own description of his youth was that of a joyous, happy boyhood.

That the wife seemed untroubled by the views of her husband, and that the baby, as he grew into little-boyhood, appeared very similar to other children as far as prayers and Bible stories and even attendance at church were concerned, did not reassure the disturbed neighbors.

At any rate, she quarrelled with her people, and he had a very lonely boyhood and youth.

He had a luxurious boyhood, he was sent to college, pampered and spoilt, and passed on to a dissipated manhood.

So she does Ed, who comes a year or two behind Bill, and is trembling out of bashful boyhood.

Nobody thinks any thing'll hurt a boy; but they're glad enough to 'allow' us when there's any errands to be done, and" "Do you live in New York?" interrupted I; for I did not wish to hear the poor little fellow's list of miseries, which I knew by heart beforehand without his telling me, having been hopeless knight-errant of oppressed boyhood all my life.

Once he had hated both, but now he thought of them tenderly as links with, the peaceful boyhood that was slipping away.

Mr. Hooker wore somewhat shabby clothes for a banker; in fact, he never could recover from certain personal habits formed during a penurious boyhood.

" Happily he has preserved one of those wonderful productions of his precocious boyhood, and our readers will judge for themselves what a clever child it was.

His friends found him always cheerful; and his calm features,in which a dignity and thoughtfulness of spirit contrasted with the bloom and beauty of a pure and honourable boyhood,were never overshadowed with ill-temper or with gloom.

and the sickly boyhood of Edward VI.:

All the story of Cartwright's spoiled boyhood and viciously selfish youth were written in his face for the reading of such a man as Sinclair.

And the grateful, happy fellow, in looking back over his stormy boyhood and young manhood, and feeling how strongly he had striven at all times to live by the Golden Rule, knew in his heart that it was to that fact that he had Fought the Battle that Won.

When I look back to my own commonplace, ordinary, straightforward boyhood, wrapped up in tiny ambitions, vexed with trivial cares, full of trifling events, with a constant sense of small dissatisfaction, I am amazed at the colours with which memory tints the scene.

31 adjectives to describe  boyhood