68 adjectives to describe brands

doubt not her falsity shall break thy heart some day and teach thee wisdom" A shout among the woods upon their right, a twinkling light that came and went amid the underbrush, and Walkyn appeared, bearing a lighted brand.

Butand heed this, my lord!when Helen the Beautiful, the Proud, did thy will gainsay, thou didst in hearing of divers of her lords and counsellors vow and swear to come one day and seek her with flaming brands.

" "He shall go, and welcome, if he will tell me where he gets his taste for this especial brand of whiskey."

He yet bore in his hand a broken brand.

By him wars silent stand: He brake the archer's bow, Made chariot's wheel a fiery brand, And spear to shivers go.

Lest you might think that by "Johnnie Walker" he asked for his favourite brand of whiskey, I may tell you that we had no stimulant of that kind with us.

Their jerrymandered electoral methods are like wool in their ears, and the rejection of Tweedledum for Tweedledee is taken as a "mandate" for Tweedledee's distinctive brand of political unrealities.... Is this an incurable state of things?

Double diamond brand.

Then aiming at the youth, with lifted hand, Full at his head he hurled the forky brand, In dreadful thunderings.

Blotted brands.

The two missing bottles held the choicest brand in the whole stock.

This brand of vulture, most obscene, May have designs upon the Dove; Its carrion taste was never keen On the Millennial reign of Love; And I, for one, am stiff with fear About our little friend's career, Lest that disgusting fowl should maul And eat it, olive-branch and all.

The fatal brand Althaea burned.

Had Chief-Justice Taney's delineation been historically correct, it would have been nevertheless unwise and unchristian to embody it in the form of a disqualifying legal sentence and an indelible political brand.

This enables the user to make, from an inferior brand of flour, bread which resembles that made from a better quality.

It is Gen. GRANT'S favorite brand, and you'll find it all right."

In many parts of Bavaria it was believed that the flax would grow as high as the young people leaped over the fire.[401] In others the old folk used to plant three charred sticks from the bonfire in the fields, believing that this would make the flax grow tall.[402] Elsewhere an extinguished brand was put in the roof of the house to protect it against fire.

At his best, man is weak; unknowing truth, he puts false brands on his goods, mixes and mingles, snarls and confuses, covers up, hides and effaces, so far as he can, God's works, and palms off as His the works of the other.

The manufacture of smoking-tobaccoes is as much and art in Germany as getting up a fancy brand of cigars is here; and the medical philosopher of that country will gravely debate whether "Kanaster" or "Varinas" be best suited for certain forms of convalescence; tobacco being almost as indispensable as gruel, in returning health.

At her coming I had ordered champagnewe always drank champagne together, because, as we said, it matched so well with her hairchampagne of a no longer fashionable brand.

A force of militia soon dealt out condign punishment for these misdeeds, but meanwhile Kereopa and his fellow fire-brands had passed down the coast and kindled a flame which gradually crept southward even to Hawkes Bay.

distant far, When the rude hordes of trampling War Shall scare the silent vale The where Now the sweet heaven, when day doth leave The air, Limns its soft rose-hues on the veil of Eve Shall the fierce war-brand, tossing in the gale, From town and hamlet shake the horrent glare!

There is a fourth brand, which may be either home-grown or imported, but democracies do not recognise it, of downright bad folkgrown, healthy men and women who honestly rejoice in doing evil.

And when the fire waxed hot, Beltane took thence a glowing brand, and, coming to the other great pile, fired it therewith.

I defended myself with fire, meeting them at every door and window with a hickory brand.

68 adjectives to describe  brands