18 adjectives to describe cads

She was always a selfish little cad, grabbing, and not really caring.

She was always a selfish little cad, grabbing, and not really caring.

The first thing I should do would be to quarrel with that insufferable young cad who insulted us last night.

He's an awful cad.

Before him news from the North and South, A long account of a foreign drouth, A lot of changes in local ads, The report of a fight between drunken cads, And odds and ends and smoke and talk, A reporter drawing cartoons in chalk On the dirty wall, while others laughed, And one wretch whistled, and all of them chaffed.

I remember once at a country town, which we will call Mudborough, a flashy young cad, in a very loud suit, called to see me with a parcel under his arm.

And now he's hand and glove with those chaps Hawley and Gull in the Fifth; they've both got heaps of money, but they're frightful cads.

There is an admirable sketch of a good-natured cad in one of Mrs. Walford's novels, who is the acme of kind indelicacy.

"You scurrilous cad!" roared the Colonel, and shook his staff at him, and seemed on the point of charging him.

George Minafer is a spoilt and egotistical cad, and as we pursue his unpleasant personality from infancy onward our impatience with the adoring relatives who allow the impossible little bounder to turn their lives to tragedy becomes more and more pronounced.

He had been placed in positions where he could not help hearing them without making himself appear like a thorough cad.

"He says he's the most thundering cad, and as bad as you make them.

I have about fifteen minutes in which to convince Patricia both of her own folly and of the fact that Jack is an unmitigated cad, and to get him off the place quietly, so that Anne will suspect nothing.

" In those fine lines it is no doubt Crabbe himself that speaks, and not the young lover, who was to turn out in the sequel an unparalleled "cad."

"You are thinking, perhaps, what an unutterable cad I have been?"

Windus Carr was a conceited presuming cad, who was always boring them with impossible accounts of his conquests among the fair sex; and that poor Harker was an unmitigated fool, whose brains had run into his billiard-cue.

"He's a demmed cad," Said his lordship conclusively.

I call him a downright cad myself, and I'm inclined to think him a blackguard as well.

18 adjectives to describe  cads