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507 adjectives to describe « call »

507 adjectives to describe « call »

  • You certainly had a close call when you ran into the Indians on Walnut Creek.
  • And then she described the storm, the action of the sailors, the boatswain's whistle, and the loud call of the master, "Which," said she, "trebled the confusion of the ship."
  • A priest engaged in saying his Office, if he receive an urgent call to a dying person may not have time to finish his Office before midnight.
  • "Sunset and evening star, and one clear call for me!
  • One cold winter at Bourneville, when we had our house full of people, there was a sudden call for blankets.
  • Paul La Francethe young singer, you knowtold me that when he was in Sicily his voice completely altered; the heat quite affected the velouté of his voice, as the French call itand what a voice it is at its best!
  • In the morning the commandant of cadets, as commanding officer of the squadron, would go ashore with his aide and pay a formal call to the senior military officer.
  • Despite passing all his concussion tests post-match, Welch said the "really tough" call was made to pull him from game two following an "honest conversation" with his club and Maroons doctor.
  • He understands not what the callings and occupations of mortals are; only he has a glimmering conceit of some such thing, when the doctor makes his daily call: and even in the lines of that busy face he reads no multiplicity of patients, but solely conceives of himself as the sick man.
  • And Gray Wolf, fighting her losing fight to the end, sensed in the danger-filled air the nearness of that hour when he would respond to the final call and she would be left alone.
  • Crews were called to the seen at 2:50 p.m. on May 2, after multiple 911 calls about a wind-driven fire.
  • But while this arrangement was the general order, the numerous calls received from various localities required frequent changes.
  • This decision was barely agreed upon, when the shrill call of a bugle sounded almost among the refugees, and they sprang to their horses, waiting in silence the next demonstration.
  • Just a friendly call then, was it?
  • Only the sharp call of a discordant trumpet broke the solitude and dumbness of the hills.
  • For the moment I had other plans; it was my intention to follow George's example and pay a short call upon "Mademoiselle Vivien."
  • One of my first duties was to make an official call upon His Excellency Don Marcelino Oroa, who is the sixty-first governor of the Philippine Islands.
  • She dreamed a dozen times over that she heard Lady Mary's soft call through the open door,which was not open, but shut closely and locked by the sisters who now inhabited the next room; and once she dreamed that Lady Mary came to her bedside and stood there looking at her earnestly, with the tears flowing from her eyes.
  • At sick call all men who are sick fall in and are marched to the regimental infirmary, under charge of the noncommissioned officer in charge of quarters.
  • From the pasture below the stables the faint call of a kill-deer suddenly shrilled out, followed by intense silence.
  • But possibly Bandy-legs or Steve chanced to laugh, or speak out loud, for the old foxes took the alarm; and it was only after constant efforts on the part of Obed, with his familiar call to dinner, that caused them to show themselves at all.
  • Castaner said there were doubts and misunderstandings about the provision, which aims to protect officers from online calls to violence but was denounced by critics as an infringement on the right to document police brutality.
  • Not to say that I never stretched my yarn a little on the fo'castle in my younger days, like the rest of 'em; but what with living under roofs so long past, and a call from the parson regular in strawberry time, and having to do the flogging consequent on the inakkeracies of statement follering on the growing up of six boys, a man learns to trim his words a little, Tom, and no mistake.
  • The Chicago Fire Department receives over 500,000 emergency calls annually, most of which are medical calls.
  • In the pause, Father Brachet opened the door, but seemed suddenly to remember some imperative call elsewhere.
  • It seemed a strange call from out of the troubled past that had just ended.
  • Their town associations, however, were as distinct as if they dwelt in different hemispheres, with the exception of an occasional morning call, and, now and then, a family dinner given by Mr. Effingham.
  • One of the most interesting occasions of which they speak was a Missionary Meeting, in which the minister Olivier unfolded his experience of a divine call to leave his country, and go abroad on the service of the gospel.
  • Forgetting everything except his cherished ambition, he braced himself for the contest, took a twist hold on the lines, sent a sharp, quick call to his horse, and let him out for all that was in him.
  • The Federal camp lay on a distant hill-side below Romney: through the dim winter shadows he could see points of light shifting from tent to tent; a single bugle-call had shrilled through the mountains once or twice; the regiments ordered for the attack were under arms now, he concluded.
  • After an open casting call in Sydney's south-west, Dimitriades was cast in, the raunchy story of Claudia Karvan falling for her much younger student.
  • SANGSTER, MARGARET E. Surgical call.
  • Fricke was tracked down about four hours after the initial call, at a home in Irondequoit.
  • A dark thriller set in Manchester, follows the story of a single mother caught up in a fraudulent cold call scam that threatens to unravel her life.
  • SPX-90 electronic pitch transposer to alter his voice over the phone, he would take incoming calls from people who had misdialed the number and were under the assumption that they had dialed the right number.
  • A man reads (I notice) in his seminary, St. Leo, Ad Flaeirmum, and makes his first pastoral call on a woman who proudly brings out her first baby for him to see.
  • Is that an expense to be incurred again, without some peremptory and unavoidable call of duty, of honour, or of interest?
  • At last, a gentleman who had witnessed his frequent calls, suggested that he send his card.
  • In addition to 1.5 GB of high-speed daily data access and 100 SMS messages per day, the Rs 289 Airtel prepaid plan will also offer unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls.
  • Cooper said money already allocated to the police next year will go towards creating two more PACTs (Police And Crisis Teams), which respond to mental health calls in the city.
  • " "Well, you keep an eye on Wesley," and then Jack narrated the strange scene in the swamp, the mysterious calls, and the conversation.
  • And all the while, beyond the threshold, life in the street was flowing by, a restless stream, and the voice of it was a siren call to her hungry heart, whispering of freedom, laughing low of love, roaring robustly of brave adventures.
  • That burly giant pushed ever in the lead, and his hoarse call and strenuous action told of more than a mercenary rage to save his wheat.
  • a professional call.
  • If prescience can determine actions so That we must do, because he did foreknow, Or that, foreknowing, yet our choice is free, Not forced to sin by strict necessity; This strict necessity they simple call, Another sort there is conditional.
  • Our boat made a brief call at Homer, in Cook Inlet, one of the starting points for the famous Kenai shooting grounds.
  • It was of no common importance to me, at this period, to be able to digest and mature my thoughts for my own mind only, without any immediate call for giving them out in print.
  • Since late in the twentieth century, most international calls are direct dialed.
  • Only thus much, I think, with modesty may be said; that I cannot at present call to mind anything that is propounded but what is very hopeful, and easily accomplished.
  • It was his daughter (by an Australian wife) who was suffering from an inordinate perplexity as to which half of her blood had the real call.
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