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94 adjectives to describe candle

After the first rush, the flow of water eased down to a steady stream, maybe a foot in depth; though I could not see this, until I had procured one of the lighted candles, and, with it, started to reconnoiter.

"I tell you, sir, a man never made a finer thing than a tall wax candle.

"How far that little candle throws his beams!

Mr. Merrick and Arthur walked with the girls to the printing office, where they found Thursday Smith and Hetty working by the light of tallow candles.

The Colonel handed the demijohn to his companion, and lit the solitary candle standing on its little block of wood, held in place between three half-driven nails.

Asparagus fern was lavishly used, and pink-shaded candles in silver candlesticks adorned the table.

"Now," he said, "I will show you how to carry fire in your hands from the lighted to the unlighted candle.

Out, out, brief candle!

I'm quite awake and the same Barbara, though looking over a wider and eye-opening horizon, having had three rows of candles, ten in a row, around my last birthday cake and one extra in the middle, which extravagance has constrained the family to use lopsided, tearful, pink candles ever since.

What would he not give to forget that slowly-moving figure, with swimming eyes, carrying a flaring candle?

The man who could write such verses as these ought not to have written as he has written: Had I a glance of thee, my God, Kingdoms and men would vanish soon; Vanish as though I saw them not, As a dim candle dies at noon.

The religious ceremonial with which the festival had opened was over, and down the aisles on either side, past the family altars, with their innumerable candles and lanterns and censers,ceaselessly smoking in memorial of the honored dead,the brothers of the Frari and the Servi marched in solemn procession to the chant of the acolytes, returning to mass themselves in the transepts, in fuller view of the pulpits, before the contest began.

A faint odor of desolation stole through the dimness of the place to meet hima breath from the withered rose-petals which had dropped from the golden vases upon the splendid embroidered altar-cloth and mingled with the dust of those many days which had remained guiltless of Mass or service; the altar candles were unlighted; the censer had lost its halo of mystic smoke.

She turned at once, gathered the skirt of her pink calico uniform, and, watching her steps through her tears, descended the steep winding-stair to her frequent kneeling-place under the fragrant candles of the chapel-altar in Mother Nativity's asylum.

The more deeply located Infusoria and Mollusks must dwell in an endless twilight; for Humboldt has found, by experiment, that at a depth one hundred and ninety-two feet from the surface the amount of sunlight which can penetrate is equal only to one-half of the light of an ordinary candle one foot distant.

The sign of the twisted candles, by Carolyn Keene, pseud. of Harriet S. Adams & Edna C. Squier.

There was no appeal to the true religion of the soul, that springs from the heart in a clear stream, and which no tinsel banners, no elaborate statues, and no flaming candles, can quicken or intensify!

Around each plate was a wreath of smilaxany small green vine would do perfectly welland above each plate a tiny green candle burning in a wee holder.

Dust arose from the long-disused room, flecking the yellow candle flame.

A liveried footmanbeyond a doubt he who admitted the mistress of the houseentered, carrying an electric candle, yawned with a superstitious hand before his mouth and, looking to neither right nor left, turned away from Lanyard and trudged wearily back to the household offices.

For God's sake let us light a fire, for I caught sight of a store of driftwood before that sickly candle went out.'

Joking and jeering, they stripped the tiara and the robes of office from the body, wrapped it up in an old carpet, and then with force of fists and feet rammed it down into the box, without torches, without a ministering priest, without a single person to attend and bear a consecrated candle."

Upon the other's mentioning other eminent writers of the Scotch; "These will not do," said Johnson, "Let us have some more of your northern lights; these are mere farthing candles.

It is, when charged with a full-sized candle, perhaps five feet ten high, and it has a very patriarchal and decorous appearancelooks grave and authoritative, and seems to think itself a very important affair.

There seemed no light but her small miserable candle in earth and heaven.

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