311 adjectives to describe careering

His ability is abundantly attested by the impression he left on his contemporaries, his published description of the Pilgrimage, and subsequent literary and political career.

After ten years of a brilliant career he bethought him again of the place of his birth.

It was a desperate remedy to take Harry Lord off third base, where he had played during most of his professional career, and try to convert him into an outfielder, a position in which he had had no experience at all.

His subsequent medical career is pretty generally known.

I had promised him powder and lead enough to maintain his rifle for the probable remainder of his earthly hunting- career, if he succeeded in safely conveying to Quebec the hide and horns of the mammoth stag of the forest.

There were yet some campaigns of his brief and bright career to be accomplished.

In his diplomatic career he was taken prisoner during the war with China; and, with Mr. Boulby, the Times correspondent, was carried about in a cage by his captors, and exhibited to the natives.

And hereO deep designs of Fate!the very means intended to check his mad career serve only to accelerate its development.

The scene of this first important event in my adventurous career, being in Scott county, in the State of Iowa.

Wilbur gets sore, for since I commenced wearing those pink tights he doped out a great dramatic career for me.

Leaena was hardly less versed in the combats of Mars than in those of Venus, having, in fact, commenced her distinguished career as a camp-follower of the Emperor Gordian.

That a pope who signalized the beginning of his official career by a series of liberal reforms should soon have been driven from his see by revolutionists is one of the historical paradoxes for which even the "philosophy of history" finds it difficult to account.

They are clever, but evidently set performances, and leave us no ground to suppose that the poet's abandonment of a parliamentary career was a serious loss to the nation.

" "It would end your artistic career," he replied, laughing; "and fancy!

It is possible, by feeding various glandular extracts, to correct deficiencies or excesses of their function, and so to remedy the underlying basis for a criminal career.

The full record of J.W.'s commercial career must he left to some other chronicler, but an occasional reference to it cannot be omitted from these pages.

I address myself more particularly to you who are entering upon the useful and honourable career of the British merchant; for you are now standing on the lower steps of a ladder, which, when it is mounted with diligence and circumspection, leads always to respectability, not unfrequently to high honour and distinction.

The effect upon Medina and upon Mahomet's later career cannot be overestimated.

The most difficult lesson a barb learns, is to halt suddenly in mid career of a full gallop.

I need not describe his memorable career,his successive elections to all the highest offices of state, his detection of Catiline's conspiracy, his opposition to turbulent and ambitious partisans, his alienations and friendships, his brilliant career as a statesman, his misfortunes and sorrows, his exile and recall, his splendid services to the State, his greatness and his defects, his virtues and weaknesses, his triumphs and martyrdom.

It is a remarkable coincidence that at this secluded and beautiful villa Charles James Fox terminated his glorious career, in the same month, and having arrived at the same age (fifty-seven) as Mr. Canning.

Not that Mr. Brush objected to him as a partner, but when Mr. Brush purchased the stock he purchased the control outright, although he did request Mr. Freedman to hold a few shares and not give up his personal interest in Base Ball, for Mr. Freedman had a great liking for the game in spite of his stormy career.

In the mean while the Tartars were continuing their victorious career.

* * CHATEAUBRIAND Atala Francois René, Vicomte de Chateaubriand, born on September 4, 1768, at St. Malo, Brittany, was as distinguished for his extraordinary and romantic career as for the versatility of his genius.

He has demonstrated that the materials for such a work are abundant, and a glance at the mortal career of Fitch will show him to be an uncommonly interesting subject.

311 adjectives to describe  careering