476 adjectives to describe caring

With the utmost care I crept nearer to the small curtained arch which admitted to the larger room.

If one of them be picked out and examined with a little care, it will be found that its six sides are not exactly alike.

Lucterius, who had witnessed the horrors of famine during the investment of that town, now took especial care of the provisions.

Patricia clearly perceived that, whatever had been her husband's relations with this woman, he had been manifestly entrapped into the imbroglioa victim to Mrs. Pendomer's inordinate love of attention, which was, indeed, tolerably notorious; and Patricia's anger against Rudolph Musgrave gave way to a rather contemptuous pity and a half-maternal remorse for not having taken better care of him.

Not a bit of paper or cloth blew along the turnpike but he eagerly picked it up, searched in it with the most anxious care, and finally placed it in his hat.

But assuming its truth, and appreciating the consequences which would follow, we should rule the tongue with a sterner sway, and guard the heart with a more watchful care than is our wont.

The young lady will need constant care.

Next day Sir Bertrand died of his hurts, so they buried him beside young Sir John of Griswold and sturdy old Hubert of Erdington and a hundred and twenty and five others of their company who had fallen in that desperate affray; therefore tarried they a while what time their sick and wounded grew towards health and strength by reason of the skill and tender care of the lady Abbess and her nuns.

The entrails were examined with peculiar care, and if the whole was without blemish, their duties were fulfilled; under an assurance that they had engaged the gods to be on their side, they engaged in war, and in the most hazardous undertakings, with such a confidence of success, as had the greatest tendency to procure it.

This must be performed with extreme care owing to the unstable nature of the benzene compounds.

The spirit as well as the letter of that order was carried out, and in the very full orders and notes on the operations issued before the victorious attack was made, there is the most elaborate detail regarding the different objectives of divisions and brigades, and scrupulous care was taken that no advance should be made against any resisting enemy within the boundaries not only of the Holy City but of the suburbs.

" While speaking he had been cutting cautiously with his knife one of the longer branches which helped to screen us from view, and when it had been severed he trimmed it with infinite care, as if our welfare depended upon its being smooth and clean.

"And how should I know that paternal care would prompt you to remain within while I was without?" For a second it seemed to me that my father was going to laughfor a fraction of a second something like astonishment seemed to take possession of him.

They are clothed and fed with extraordinary care, and are supposed to have every means of health.

He lives secure from jealous care, holding the priceless dower Which seldom falls to loving hearts or sons of wealth and power.

" "This is short notice, Signore, for a female about to quit the dwelling of her ancestors!" "St. Mark suffers his love and parental care to overlook the vain ceremonies of form.

This, sir, I have advanced in confidence, that sufficient care shall be taken, that in any new alliance we shall be parties, not principals; that the expense of war, as the advantage of victory, shall be common; and that those who shall unite with us will be our allies, not our mercenaries.

Released from her daily care, No longer list'ning to complaint, She seems to breathe a different air, And health once more her cheek does paint.

After the Quarterly Meeting in the Third Month they visited each of the meetings within their own Monthly Meeting, "thinking," says J.Y., "a little pastoral care was due to our Friends at home, seeing we are often concerned to go abroad.

I know not if Veenah expected to see me, but she was dressed with unusual care.

And as I near approach[ed] the verge of life, Some kind relation (for I'd have no wife) Should take upon him all my worldly care While I did for a better state prepare.

At eighty-three she said, "I have too many petty cares at that age when the grasshopper is a burden.

He spent a great deal of time thinking out means of helping materially the young art-student, and always he succeeded in this object by his elaborate and tactful care.

You're just a chubby rascal with a grin upon your face, Just seven years o' gladness, an' a hard and trying case; You think the world's your playground, an' in all you say an' do You fancy everybody ought to bow an' scrape to you; Dull care's a thing you laugh at just as though 'twill never be, So I wonder, little fellow, why you mean so much to me.

Each one would then lay his basket at the feet of the major-domo, who would examine its contents and register them on his tablets, placing in the pantry contiguous to the dining-room, those of the provisions which need no preparation, and consigning the others to the more immediate care of the cooks.

476 adjectives to describe  caring
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