77 adjectives to describe cavaliers

Perhaps my master might, on a strait, receive one of the sex I could name, but on the honor of a gondolier he is not the most gallant cavalier of Venice, just at this moment.

And while her heart was fixed on one, her charms no less enthralled The heart of this brave cavalier, Celin Andalla called.

Or do they not most willingly assume the onerous duty of directing the naive instincts of such youthful cavaliers into proper channels and toward worthy objectseven occasionally, from their elevated regard, present themselves as the said "worthy objects" for the youthful affection?

A few days later it was currently reported that the widow Stevens was to wed Hugh Price the handsome cavalier.

Just as she reached the bottom of the hill, what was her horror to perceive a cavalier approach from the opposite directionan elegant cavalier, mounted on a shaggy horse, and followed by a long-eared houndin whose richly clad person she recognized the whilom forest boy.

Swift cavalier, by Hugh Baker, pseud. of Hermann Deutsch & Donald Hugh Higgins.

"But that we are both in the closet of the gayest cavalier of Venice, is beyond dispute.

" Lydia Sessions, passing on the arm of young Baker, glanced at Johnnie, star-eyed, pink-cheeked and smiling, with a pair of tall cavaliers contending for her favours, and sucked her lips in to that thin, sharp line of reprobation Johnnie knew so well.

Then, again, tradition has it that a mile away from this spot, and close to the old manor house, skirmishes were fought in later days, at the time the Civil Wars were raging, when many a chivalrous cavalier and many a stern, unbending Puritan lay dead on yonder field, or, maybe, was carried into the old house to linger and to die in the very room in which you slept last night.

According to another account, Musa, meeting a party of Andalusian cavaliers, killed several of them, but, being disabled by wounds, threw himself into the Xenel and was drowned.

But never beg for his attentions, and do not permit him to think you are incapable of enjoying yourself without his playing the devoted cavalier.

" Miss Diana's eyes grew misty as her little cavalier adjusted her wrap.

Yet one of these red-coated cavaliers would, I have not the least doubt, if occasion called for it, show himself capable of the very highest heroism.

The sturdy cavalier's heart became too full, and exclaiming, "Did ever I think to live to see this happy day!"

Yet the strong horse was winded by the burden he bore, a mighty figure, deep-chested, amply shouldered, an ideal cavalier for the days when youths rode out in armour-plate to seek adventures and when men of fifty still lifted the lance to run a "friendly" course or two in the lists.

A smaller lake succeeded to that of Ak-Sheher, Emir Dagh rose higher in the pale-blue sky, and Sultan Dagh showed other peaks, broken and striped with snow; but around us were the same glorious orchards and gardens, the same golden-green wheat and rustling phalanxes of poppiesarmies of vegetable Round-heads, beside the bristling and bearded Cavaliers.

Passing clear through the body, the steel point of the weapon was only stopped by the backpiece of the unfortunate cavalier, who fell headlong from his horse, as if struck by lightning, rolled twice or thrice over on the ground, tore the earth with his hands, and then lay prostrate a dead corpse.

A country-wagon receives most of the ladies; the majority of their attendant cavaliers walk; of two horses, the side-saddled one has about one hundred pounds avoirdupois for his share, and, in spite of the lack of habit and equestrian "pomp and circumstance" generally, I cannot term it the most unpleasant three miles I ever travelled.

Their gentlemen are gallant and passionate lovers, gay cavaliers, generous, courageous, courteousaccording to the fashion of their timesand sensitive on the point of honor.

And he, all proof 'gainst dews and nightly blasts, In breathless expectation waits to see His panting Rosa at the postern door; While she sighs forth "My gentle cavalier!"

Before leaving Paris, she had had various visions of what might happen in the countryhow she might meet some graceful cavalier beside the wall of some romantic castle, who would fling himself on his knees before her, like a hero of romance.

"And now, tell me, little lamb, have you any idea who this grand cavalier may be that gave you the ring?" "No," said Agnes, pausing a moment over the garland of flowers she was weaving,"only Giulietta told me that he was brother to the King.

The gray cavalier at Fredericksburg was not reported to be retiring, as was expected.

A troop of these haughty cavaliers assembled with their chiefs almost daily on the playa, or parade.

he said, after a long and seemingly fruitless examination; "here is naught but some fanciful device of gallantry, such as the light-hearted cavaliers of the city are fond of using, when they tempt the weaker sex with fair words and seductive vanities.

77 adjectives to describe  cavaliers