75 adjectives to describe cavity

About every twenty-eight days, one of the follicles swells, becomes filled with liquid, pushes or is pushed to the surface of the ovary, there to rupture and expel into the abdominal cavity the tiny ripe ovum.

The inferior turbinated are spongy, scroll-like bones, which curve about within the nasal cavities so as to increase the surface of the air passages of the nose.

It divides itself into an upper cavity, the thorax, or chest; and a lower cavity, the abdomen.

Finally, amidst the lowest forms of animal life, the speck of gelatinous protoplasm, which constitutes the whole body, has no permanent digestive cavity or mouth, but takes in its food anywhere; and digests, so to speak, all over its body.

The probe is used, and the abscess cavity explored.

(Showing the dorsal and the ventral tubes.) A, the cranial cavity; B, the cavity of the nose; C, the mouth; D, the alimentary canal represented as a simple straight tube; E, the sympathetic nervous system; F, heart; G, diaphragm; H, stomach; K, end of spinal portion of cerebro-spinal nervous system.

Professor Bailey, examining these grains microscopically, found that they were casts of the interior cavities of Foraminifera, consisting of a mineral known as Glauconite, which is a silicate of iron and alumina.

The bones become vastly altered in shape, a process of absorption leads to the formation of large, irregular cavities within their substance, and what of the bone is left is rendered hard and ivory-like (condensed) near what was the original centre, while the edges and other portions show often a tendency to become brittle and porous.

A, aorta; B, superior vena cava; C, C, right pulmonary veins; D, inferior vena cava; E, section of coronary vein; F, right ventricular cavity; H, posterior curtain of the tricuspid valve; K, right auricular cavity; M, fossa ovalis, oval depression, partition between the auricles formed after birth.

As I bent the movable portion lower there came a quick click and a section of the floor slid to one side, showing a long, shallow cavity, sufficient to enclose the post.

Instead of finding an elevated bit of table-rock, as had been expected, a circular cavity existed within, that Mark at once recognised to be the extinct crater of a volcano!

These specimens, however, do not really exhibit any traces of organic structure; and so nearly resemble the irregular stalactitical concretions produced by the passage of calcareous or ferruginous solutions through sand* that they are probably of the same origin; indeed the central cavity of the stalactite still remains open in some of the specimens of this kind from Sweer's Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The thin space between the lungs and the rib walls, called the pleural cavity, is in health a vacuum.

Inflammatory changes occurring in the medulla we may pass without consideration, for in the bones of the foot the medullary cavity is so small, and the changes taking place in it of such minor importance, that we may do this without in any way seriously prejudicing our work.

In these casts the minutest cavities and finest tubes in the Foraminifer were sornetilnes reproduced in solid counterparts of the glassy mineral, while the calcareous original had been entirely dissolved away.

The irritating smoke filling all the inner cavity of the mouth and throat, readily finds its way up the Eustachian tube, dries the membrane, and irritates or inflames the delicate mechanism of the inner ear.

The thin layer of tissue which covers those internal cavities or passages which communicate with the external air.

The tympanic cavity communicates with the back part of the throat, by the Eustachian tube.

The two layers thus form between them a Closed Sac a serous cavity (see Fig.

Reaching a retired grave, covered with a plain marble slab, she emptied the seed, which it appeared the cup contained, into the slight cavities which had been scooped out in the corners of the level tablet, and laid the wreath on its pure face.

"Plants have been described by naturalists, who would determine the limits of the two kingdoms, as organized living bodies, without volition or locomotion, destitute of a mouth or intestinal cavity, which, when detached from their place of growth, die, and, in decay, ferment, but do not putrefy, and which, on being subjected to analysis, furnish an excess of carbon and no nitrogen.

That the close attachment of the plantar aponeurosis to the navicular bursa, and the nearness of both to the pedal articulation, render penetration of a synovial sac or a joint cavity extremely likely.

The latter was hanging on to one of the lateral cavities.

It was a great thing to have learned the facts concerning the old Mexican, and the lad really believed that there was gold secreted somewhere in one of the little cavities in that perforated mountain.

It is bad, at all times, to distend the stomach too much; for it is a rule in the animal economy, that if any of the muscular cavities, as the stomach, heart, bowels, or bladder, be too much distended, their tone is weakened, and their powers considerably impaired.

75 adjectives to describe  cavity