39 adjectives to describe ceasing

If we are to be wanderers and fugitives on the earth, let us never lose sight of the promise which assures us of an eternal refuge in a place where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest.

Then thou, God's pulse, wilt cease to beat; But His heart will still beat on, Weaving another garment meet, If needful for his son; And sights more glorious, to complete The web thou hast begun.

You bid my sad heart cease to swell, But will you, if its tale I tell, Nor turn away, nor frown the while, But smile, as you were wont to smile?

A tempest ceases, a cyclone passes over, a wind dies down, a broken mast can be replaced, a leak can be stopped, a fire extinguished, but what will become of this enormous brute of bronze.

The result would be that the heart for an instant ceases to beat.

But I had better cease.

He who becomes detestable ceases to be ridiculous.

If thou, Light, didst cease to be, Death and Chaos soon were out, Weltering o'er the slimy sea, Riding on the whirlwind's rout; And if God did cease to be, O Beloved!

But the bridal must be soon, to make this endless talking cease.

"No more, he cried, no more my love shall feel "The mingled agonies I fly to heal; 70 "I go, but soon exulting shall return, "And bid my faithful Cora cease to mourn: "For oh, amid' each pang my bosom knows, "What wastes, what wounds it most, are Cora's woes.

how the sacred calm, that breathes around, Bids every fierce tumultuous passion cease, In still small accents whispering from the ground A grateful earnest of eternal peace. ]

Not until the pair arrived at the entrance of one of the outlying cottages did husky Gus cease to be the beast of burden, though he was greatly tempted to turn into a charging war horse when one of a group of urchins on a street corner shouted: "Look at the monkey on a mule!" Gus cared nothing for taunts and slurs against himself, but he deeply resented any suggestion of insult aimed at his crippled friend.

The world would be the better should she and all her kind cease to exist.

Verily it was a moment to make a sportsman's blood leapto make him forget; but not even then did the Indian show a sign of excitement, not for a minute did the lithe body cease in its soundless serpentine motion.

Just in the very moment of expectation the loud tongues cease; I wait, listening breathlessly, but presently a straggling cry or two shows that the pack has turned and are spread wide trying to recover.

So, in our age, too prone to sport with pain, Might soft humanity resume her reign; Pride without rancour feel th' objected fault, And folly blush, as willing to be taught; Critics grow mild, life's witty warfare cease, And true good-nature breathe the balm of peace.

"Ah," added he, after a long pause, in a low tone, as if speaking to himself, "when will this nomadic life cease, and the world be at peace, to allow this poor, badgered king a few hours of leisure and recreation, to enjoy the contemplation of his house and his pictures?

Let the rich cease to despise the poor, and the poor to condemn the rich; let the greedy learn how to give, and the lustful how to grow pure; let the partisan cease from strife, and the uncharitable begin to forgive; let the envious endeavor to rejoice with others, and the slanderers grow ashamed of their conduct.

At twenty-seven all alike cease to belong to the standing army, and pass into the Landwehr, to which they continue to belong to the age of thirty-nine.

O Lord, if this little band be vanquished idolatry will prevail and thy pure worship cease from off the earth.

For magnitudes alone are knowable; wherever it is impossible to measure and count, to determine force mathematically, there rigorous, exact science ceases.

The moment that any field of labor becomes intelligently experimental, that moment routine ceases, and that field becomes attractive.

Racial and religious wars will no doubt for long continue; but wars to satisfy the ambitions of a military clique or a personal ruler, or the ambitions of a commercial group, or the schemes of financiers, or the engineering of the Presswars from these all too fruitful causes will, under a sensible Democracy, cease.

But that the World did come to coldness and unfriendliness, by reason of the Sun's slow ceasing.

I am often put in Mind of those complaisant Lines of my own Countryman, when he is calling all his Faculties together to hear Arabella; 'Let all be hush'd, each softest Motion cease, Be ev'ry loud tumultuous Thought at Peace; And ev'ry ruder Gasp of Breath Be calm, as in the Arms of Death:

39 adjectives to describe  ceasing
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