186 adjectives to describe centring

European Russia, with her yearly excess of from one million and a half to two million births over deaths, with the development of her industries and the formation of important commercial centres, progressed very rapidly and was about to become the pivot of European politics.

Venice, through her favorable situation, became preeminent in commerce, while Florence was coming to be the most important industrial centre of Europe.

Whatever artistic defects the statue may have are out of sight, and it seems as it hangs there, passionately hovering, above the once busy centre of a prosperous town, to be the very symbol and voice of France calling the world to witness.

Recollect always that a great market town like this is not merely a commercial centre; not perhaps even a commercial centre at all: but that she is an agricultural centre, and one of the most important in England; that the increase of science here will be sure more or less to extend itself to the neighbourhood: and then lay to heart this one fact.

" Of this great New Forest, Lyndhurst was made the capital and the administrative centre, and such it is still.

The main line had thrown out from it great tentacles embracing in their iron clasp vital centres for the supply of our front, and over these spur lines the trains ran with the regularity of British main-line expresses.

Thought, imagination, will, the conflicting passions, language, and even articulation, claim their first impulse from the nervous centre.

The Jews quite realise that they can have no exclusive claim to the possession of such a religious centre as Jerusalem, and it is clear that whatever happens to the Holy Land as a whole, the city itself must be subject to an impartial administration, which would be neither Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant nor Moslem in any exclusive sense, but would secure free play to the religious and educational aspirations of them all.

Both were tried at Hougomont to turn the right, and at La Haye Sainte to break through the left centre.

During the years that followed, the principal storm-centres in international policy were the Far and Near East, the Balkans, and Morocco.

Her parents found themselves not merely in a fashionable circle, but in a highly-intellectual centre.

He pushed our bodies against the wooden post that, fitting into a sliding groove on the body of the stone centipede, had lifted the thing upright, and to make certain that we would be in the exact centre of the depression when the stone came back to its proper resting place, he strapped us carefully to the support with pieces of ramie fibre, so that we could not move an inch.

For five centuries this college, the most ancient of the public schools in England, has kept a foremost place among the many educational centres that now exist.

From Furnes a number of roads lead in various directions to Ypres, Dixmude, Nieuport, and the coast, making it a convenient centre for an organization such as ours, requiring, as we did, ready means of reaching the front in any direction, and open communication with our base of supplies.

The circus is a grand centre of fraternal good will, properly managed, and the right circus stands for health, happiness, virtue and vigor.

ZUOZ, 5,617 feet above the sea, is also a good Ski-ing centre further down the Inn Valley.

SELECTION AND RACE Difference between the best specimens of a poor race and the mediocre ones of a high race; typical centres to which races tend to revert; delicacy of highly-bred animals; their diminished fertility; the misery of rigorous selection; it is preferable to replace poor races by better ones; strains of emigrant blood; of exiles.

He and the Countess Arnim received a great deal, and their beautiful rooms in the Palazzo Caffarelli, on the top of the Capitol Hill (the two great statues of Castor and Pollux standing by their horses looking as if they were guarding the entrance) were a brilliant centre for all the Roman and diplomatic world.

It is used by the trained psychometrist, without the use of any 'starting point,' or 'focal centre,' simply by the use of his trained, developed and concentrated will.

The probable centre of that portion, occupied by the Israelites, could hardly, have been less than 60 miles from the city.

It is surmounted by crowns and ostrich plumes, on the inner centre being worked the Royal Arms, with the motto "Je Maintiendrai" standing out in bold relief.

For, if the very mathematical centre of the central particle be not accurately in the very mathematical centre of the attractive power of the whole mass, the particle will not be attracted equally on all sides.

She took her bottom-lip between her teeth, shut her left eye, vaulted out the revolver like an old shot to the level of her intense right eye, and sent a ball through the geometrical centre of the boss.

Their home became the local literary centre after she was installed as its mistress.

The Scottish archers had now an opportunity of galling their infantry without opposition; and it would appear that King Edward could find no means of bringing any part of his numerous centre or rear-guard to the support of those in the front, who were engaged at disadvantage.

186 adjectives to describe  centring