32 adjectives to describe certificates

And independently of this practical difficulty, it is ascertained that these documents are often loosely granted; sometimes even blank certificates have been issued; sometimes prepared papers have been signed without inquiry, and in one instance, at least, the seal of the court has been within reach of a person most interested in its improper application.

During their descent, they restored their strength with some refreshments Sr. Muñoz had sent to meet them; and they reached Albay towards evening, where during their short stay they were treated as heroes, and presented with an official certificate of their achievement, for which they had the pleasure of paying several dollars.

Expenditures were made and settled under Presidential certificates in pursuance of these laws.

" "Ah, that's the merchant F, who forges everything, even his baptismal certificate.

If a man is signed up as a lunatic, he is, for so long as he remains a lunatic, debarred from using his Parliamentary vote, and, as may be seen from the above, a medical woman's signature is as valid as that of a man for this disfranchising certificate of lunacy.

A copy of the record (or duplicate certificate) of any copyright entry will be furnished, under seal, at the rate of fifty cents.

"Perhaps they were wanted to affix to some false certificate.

He has flaming certificates exhibited, and prefaces his calls to buy with a high-sounding description of his wonderful qualities.

And the phrase, which so occurring, might in the case of almost any other writer be taken as a mere epistolary civility, is in the case of one whose absolute accuracy of veracity never swerved a hair's-breadth, equivalent to a formal certificate of the fact to the best of her knowledge.

But let me give you a piece of advice: wherever you go and whatever you do, until this matter is settled, be sure to carry around that two-legged marriage certificate called Cheditafa.

The San Domingan cataclysm prompted the Georgia legislature in an act of December 19, 1793, to forbid the importation of slaves from the West Indies, the Bahamas and Florida, as well as to require free negroes to procure magisterial certificates of industriousness and probity.

The needful certificates are now all in our possession, and are expressed in terms the most appropriate and encouraging.

A certain number of tickets were sold, after which a drawing took place, and all who drew prizes were given certificates payable at the end of five years.

She had burned this pretended marriage certificate because it meant nothing.

Müller and Ebert, and procured certificates from them attesting my position in respect to them in the hospital.

One professional certificate in our possession, of the last century, ascribes the portrait in question to Masaccio or Sauti di Tito: as sensible a decision as if an English critic had decided that a certain picture of his school was either by Hogarth or Sir Thomas Lawrence.

It was loudly complained of many years later, that men used to qualify for taking the oaths required upon being admitted as barristers or attorneys by attending church and receiving a sacramental certificate on their road to Dublin.

The executive shall also deliver to the electors, on or before the day of meeting, three copies of said certificate, one of which the electors shall enclose with each "list of persons voted for as president and vice-president.

Outside London no definite qualification is required by the Local Government Board, but it is usual in county and municipal boroughs for a sanitary certificate to be demanded from candidates for the position of Inspector of Nuisances (the term used outside London for Sanitary Officials).

Nino also got a stamped certificate, which he put very carefully in his pocket-book.

Your past life is sufficient certificate of manhood; and now has come your time to be a baby, while I am mother.

The Secretary of the Treasury was authorized to issue $400,000,000 in 3 per cent bonds, and borrow $100,000,000 upon temporary certificates of indebtedness.

Although the Senate had declined to create a Government stock for the $12,000,000, and issue transferable certificates for the amount in such sums as the Mexican Government might desire, yet they could not have intended thereby to deprive that Government of the faculty which every creditor possesses of transferring for his own benefit the obligation of his debtor, whatever this may be worth, according to his will and pleasure.

Upon the demonstration of proof to the county court that they had served their term they could obtain from that tribunal certificates of freedom.

No, don Rafael Brull was a gentleman with a District all his own: he came with a clean, undisputed and indisputable certificate of election, whether his own party or the Opposition were in the saddle.

32 adjectives to describe  certificates