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158 adjectives to describe championing

A mighty champion was he, and of rich worth.

The English schoolboy has always been a zealous champion of "fair play," though sometimes misled in his ideas as to what the term really implies.

Being an ardent champion of the short-service system, he took particular care to work with veteran first battalions, and his little force was the compressed essence of an army corps.

Pasquale Mancini called solitary confinement "a living grave," in order to reassure the timorous, when in the name of the classic school, whose valiant champion he was, he demanded in 1876 the abolition of capital punishment.

Hengist was a stout champion, or he had fallen at the stroke.

When they drew apart at last the College boys had made the welkin ring with shouts of victory, but their bravest champion lay white and still upon the field.

But the venerable champion of truth and freedom was himself under bonds in the imperial city, waiting for the crown of martyrdom.

She is a fearless and unfailing champion of free thought, individualism, and woman's emancipation.

They replied with threats and imprecations; and sought to force their way onward, pressing back by their mere numbers and weight the small group of loyal champions who by this time had gathered in front of him.

He seized the doughty champion by the feet just as he was disappearing in the tunnel, and hauled him out.

A number of periodical and other publications vindicated its claims to public favour and attention; and some literary men, who had rendered themselves justly celebrated by their former writings, now stepped forward as bold and eager champions in support of this mystical doctrine.

The day, we are told, was Friday, the hour was three in the afternoon the moment at which the last cry from the cross announced the accomplishment of the Saviour's passionwhen Letold of Tournay stood, the first victorious champion of the Cross, on the walls of Jerusalem.

The measure was objected to by Sir Robert Inglis, who had represented Oxford as the peculiar champion of Protestant and Church principles ever since 1829, and by a party which shared his views, as one calculated to be "fatal to the best interests of the Church."

After one of these entertainments I was travelling with John Gully, once a formidable champion of the ring, and at that time a great bookmaker, as well as owner of racehorsesafterwards presented at Court to her most gracious Majesty the late Queenand Member of Parliament.

To Rustem now she turns, and soothes his grief, And drawing forth the arrows, sucks the blood From out the wounds, which at her bidding close, And the illustrious champion is restored To life and power.

We who represented political economy, had the same objects in view as they had, and took pains to show it; and the principal champion on their side was a very estimable man, with whom I was well acquainted, Mr. William Thompson, of Cork, author of a book on the Distribution of Wealth, and of an " Appeal" in behalf of women against the passage relating to them in my father's Essay on Government.

They each carried a scrip, or bag, the contents of which they ever and anon gave to their respective champions, whose wind, it is remarked, is very apt to fail, unless thus assisted.

Yet there have ever been found stalwart champions of the right, ready to insist that a lie is a sin per se, and therefore not to be justified by any advantage or profit in its utterance.

It is but fair to select a specimen of Evangelical preaching from one of its most celebrated and popular champions * *.

Of those principles, then struggling for their infant existence, Milton was the most devoted and eloquent literary champion.

This feeling of sympathy for the fighting Cubans knew no North nor South; and strange as it may seem the Southerner who quails before the mob spirit that disfranchises, ostracises and lynches an American Negro who seeks his liberty at home, became a loud champion of the Insurgent cause in Cuba, which was, in fact, the cause of Cuban Negroes and mulattoes.

To meet the arguments of these reformers the slaveholders found among laymen and preachers able champions to defend the reactionary policy.

He had always regarded himself as her especial champion in the Church of England; and now he had been faithless to her, and indelicate into the bargain.

But who can bear the hardy champion, who ventures nothing?

"Permit it not that in the generous breasts of those whose blood Flows in my veins, who by my side as faithful champions stood, Those cursed asps, whose effigies my shield's circumference fill, Could plant the thoughts of villany by which they work me ill.

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