1698 adjectives to describe characters

A second consideration which the study of the coal brings prominently before the mind of any one who is familiar with palaeontology is, that the coal Flora, viewed in relation to the enormous period of time which it lasted, and to the still vaster period which has elapsed since it flourished, underwent little change while it endured, and in its peculiar characters, differs strangely little from that which at present exist.

It is supported and controlled by government, and has something of a religious and national character, being particularly employed for popular amusement in the celebration of religious festivals.

The principal characters in which the history of the ancient glaciers is preserved are displayed here in marvelous freshness and simplicity, furnishing the student with extraordinary advantages for the acquisition of knowledge of this sort.

Her invocation to Eve, and comparison of the "heedless, harmless, wantonness of bliss" in Eden, to the later lot of those girt about with demons from whose fascination they cannot fly, is one of the most striking in the drama; as is the line put into the mouth of the poet's most beautiful female character, to show that God cannot be alone, What else can joy be, but diffusing joy?

George Dyer is the only literary character I am happily acquainted with.

" "How do you know?" "I recognized one of them, who used to prowl around the city looking for suspicious characters.

You don't seem to understand the extraordinary character of this fellow.

The influence of his friends, and the sacred character of persons of his caste, saved the Brahmin from capital punishment; but he was banished from Hindostan.

It was neither a mythological nor a historical character, Psyche thought, and was glad of it, being tired to death of gods and heroes.

But it was amongst the Hebrews that the day set apart for the worship of God received the most distinctive character as day of rest (Heortology, p. 2).

She did not like the appearance of Simpson, and upon inquiry she learned, to her dismay, that he was a desperate character, and that on nearly every trip he had made across the plains he had killed some one.

It is a vile business and absolutely revolting to us, nor do we hesitate to hurry away as soon as the official character of the parade is over.

FOURTH, the Notes dictated by Wordsworth to Miss Isabella Fenwicka dear friend of the Rydal Mount household, and a woman of remarkable character and facultywhich tell the story of his Poems, and the circumstances under which each was written, are printed in full.

"When you meet with men of worth, think how you may attain to their level; when you see others of an opposite character, look within, and examine yourself.

Shortly after he was made commander of a force that was commissioned by the Emperor of China to put down a rebellion of the Taipings, of so dangerous a character that it threatened to overturn the monarchy.

Her child they looked on as their own, and cherished her with almost a parent's love and care; while they resolved to bring her up in those high and holy principles that had been so nobly contended for by her unfortunate father, and so beautifully exemplified in the amiable character of her mother.

Really I was not aware that I was a distinguished character of any kind.

The essential character of vegetable life is the exhalation of oxygen, which is effected through the agency of light.

Johnson, I know not upon what degree of investigation, entertained no exalted opinion of his Lordship's intellectual character.

I think he must have failed in Roderick, for I remember nothing of him, nor of any distinct character as a character,only fine-sounding passages.

And with this fine clear note was the elusive voice of another cricket that had such a marked ventriloquial character that we could never tell whether he lived in the rose bushes or in the trees.

The most unforgettable character I've met, by Robert Baird McClure as told to Dorothy Walworth.

But, even when the queries are of a minor character, we still bestir ourselves until they are adequately answered.

The Evangelist refers to the typical character of the Passover rites, when he applies, 'a bone of it shall not be broken' (Exod.

Reports of cases argued and determined in the Superior Court, Appellate Division, Chancery Division, Law Division and in the county courts of the State of New Jersey; index, synopsis, key number character & syllabi.

1698 adjectives to describe  characters