7 adjectives to describe chirruping

" C.N. gave another little chirrup of mirth.

That confused chirruping of a thought, that is as yet no more than an instinct, has in it one knows not what sort of artless appeal to the eternal justice; or is it a protest uttered on the threshold before entering in, a protest meek and poignant?

CHAPTER XXII THE DUNBURY CURE Harrison Cressy awoke next morning to the cheerful chirrup of robins and the pleasant far-off sound of church bells.

There had been a sharp chirrup of the whistle, and at almost the same moment the train began to move.

The male birds of all the feathered creation are the only ones who sing; the females merely utter a sweet chirrup or chirp, so that from the hen canary the bird will run no risk of learning its natural note.

The day was the same as yesterday, the meadows drying up for want of rain; and there was a thirsty chirruping of small birds in the hedgerows.

And why, across the aching field, Does one lone cricket chirrup on; Why one surviving butterfly, With all its bright companions gone?

7 adjectives to describe  chirruping