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194 adjectives to describe  choicest

194 adjectives to describe choicest

The procedure was as previously described in that the experimenter raised the entrance doors of a certain group of boxes, admitted the animal to the reaction-chamber, punished incorrect choices by confining the animal for thirty seconds, and rewarded correct choices by raising the exit door and thus permitting escape and the obtaining of food.

Results of multiple-choice experiments: 1.

But I had little choice.

Lysimachus was well pleased to hear their commendations, and he said, "She is such an one that were I well assured she came of noble birth, I would wish no better choice, and think me rarely blest in a wife."

The reactive tendencies, or better, the methods of reaction which manifested themselves during this long series of observations may be described as follows: (a) choice of the first box at the left; (b) random choice with tendency to choose first, a box near the middle of the group; (c) choice of first box at the right followed by the one next to it on the left; (d) direct choice of the right box.

He had originally taken up detective work more as a relief from the boredom of his lot as a wealthy young man, leading an aimless, useless life with others of his class, than by deliberate choice of his vocation.

It was hard pressed to make a judicious choice, a key problem being the candidate's vision of the future of Goa.

The procedure was as previously described in that the experimenter raised the entrance doors of a certain group of boxes, admitted the animal to the reaction-chamber, punished incorrect choices by confining the animal for thirty seconds, and rewarded correct choices by raising the exit door and thus permitting escape and the obtaining of food.

Our academics too frequently offend in neglecting patrons, as [2067]Erasmus well taxeth, or making ill choice of them; negligimus oblatos aut amplectimur parum aptos, or if we get a good one, non studemus mutuis officiis favorem ejus alere, we do not ply and follow him as we should.

If those parts remained affiliated with the central government, it would be only through the voluntary choice of the majority of the population dwelling upon the territory.

Meantime Káús, this dire invasion known, Had called his chiefs around his ivory throne: There stood Gurgín, and Báhrám, and Gushwád, And Tús, and Gíw, and Gúdárz, and Ferhád; To them he read the melancholy tale, Gust'hem had written of the rising bale; Besought their aid and prudent choice, to form Some sure defence against the threatening storm.

Then, to test his spirit's wrath Hurls a mountain in his path Puts a bitter choice before him And relentless stands o'er him.

Much has been said and sung in praise of the spirit of chivalry, which, after all, as a great historian reminds us, "implies the arbitrary choice of one or two virtues, to be practised in such an exaggerated degree as to become vices, while the ordinary laws of right and wrong are forgotten."

Mr. Wahlborn observes, that as wheat, rye, and many of the grasses, and plantain, lift up their anthers on long filments, and thus expose the enclosed fecundating dust to be washed away by the rains, a scarcity of corn is produced by wet summers; hence the necessity of a careful choice of seed wheat, as that, which had not received the dust of the anthers, will not grow, though it may appear well to the eye.

When Marjorie saw the facethe sorrowful, delicate face, and listened to the refined accent and pretty choice of words, she knew that Morris Kemlo was a gentleman because his mother was a lady.

It was never contemplated that the people should directly select the President, but that a chosen body of electors should, with careful deliberation, make this momentous choice.

This discourages random, hasty, or careless choices.

But, my lords, I hope we are not yet reduced to the unhappy choice either of corrupting our people, or submitting to our enemies; nor do I doubt but that supplies may be obtained by methods less pernicious to the publick, and that funds sufficient for the present occasion may be established without a legal establishment of drunkenness.

It is told of Scott, while still in New Zealand, that being pressed on the point, he playfully said, 'Well, I should like to have Bill to hold my hand when we get to the Pole'; but the Diary shows how the actual choice was made on the march.

The Rejected Addressesand it was thought that the ultimate choice would conciliate all rivalry.

In addition to this, a strumpet was another principal character,a most unfortunate choice in this moral day.

Unfortunately some of the indispensable books are in German or French, but the following list offers a very considerable choice: (A) AUSTRIA-HUNGARY Austria-Hungary and Poland, by H.W. Steed, W. Alison Phillips, and D. Hannay.

This inner necessitation is so little a defect that its direct opposite, undetermined choice and inconstancy, must rather be excluded from God as an imperfection.

Long before a child is conscious of such a thing as purity, delicacy, directness, or strength of style, he has been acted upon unconsciously, so that when the period of conscious choice comes, he is either attracted or repelled by what is good, according to his training.

As to peoples or communities, however, who do possess the intelligence to make a rational choice of political allegiance, no exception is made, so far as words go, to the undeviating application of the principle.

" "Of course, you know that he has made his matrimonial choice?"

Although in the dress of man there are fewer possibilities of caricature than in that of woman, yet, "the masterpieces of creation" frequently exaggerate in a laughableand sometimes a pitiableway, certain physical characteristics by an injudicious choice of clothes.

Gradually the element of adventure or surprising incident grows less and less important, as we learn that true life is not adventurous, but a plain, heroic matter of work and duty, and the daily choice between good and evil.

Post-war economic choices for the United States.

The only favor which the King granted him after his condemnation was to leave him the choice of his death; and he was privately drowned in a butt of malmsey in the Towera whimsical choice, which implies that he had an extraordinary passion for that liquor.

Dangerous choice.

Post-war economic choices for the United States.

The little attorney gave a friendly nod, as he replied: "You do well, and I congratulate you with all my heart, viscountess, for I am satisfied that you have made no other than a worthy choice.

"Surely all these evils may be avoided, by that deliberation and delay, which prudence prescribes to irrevocable choice.

They are involved whenever we believe ourselves to act without cause, from pure choice, or contrary to the motives present.

As thou fear'st my frowne, As thou hast hope to thrive in thy new choice, As thou respect'st the favour of the gods, Welfare in any action thou intends, Doe not reveale unto my fretfull father This humble choice that my high birth hath made.

"Well, think it overlet me know this evening," Ralph said, proportioning the waiter's fee to a bill burdened by Undine's reckless choice of primeurs.

But here too I rather take the Q. to be right: 'They have only got the fashion of the time; and, out of a habit of wordy conflict, (they have got) a collection of tricks of speech,a yesty, frothy mass, with nothing in it, which carries them in triumph through the most foolish and fastidious (nice, choice, punctilious, whimsical) judgments.'

When Lords and Commons, with united voice, Th' Infanta named, approved the royal choice; First of our Queens whom not the King alone, But the whole nation, lifted to the throne.

of escoger, chosen, select, choice, fine.

To this design no objection has been made, but it is well known, that a good end may be defeated by an absurd choice of means, and I am not able to discover how we shall increase our own strength, or diminish that of our enemies, by compelling one part of our fellow-subjects to starve the other.

But only a part of him was there; only a part of him was speaking; it was a half-emptied body that lay beside her and uttered these strange sentences, even forcing her own singular choice of words.

When I insisted on a hundred ounces of gold to secure her being the chief object of the imperial choice, they first pleaded their povertyand then, relying on her extraordinary beauty, rejected my offers altogether.

Among the remaining poems there is such a wide variety that every reader must be left largely to follow his own delightful choice.

Our third principle is therefore, evident: we find, in the child's spontaneous choice, the nature of the surroundings and of the activities that he craves for; in other words, he makes his own curriculum and selects his own subject matter.

Their mere choice of themes and manner of presentation, let them keep behind the scenes as assiduously as they may, will in the end stamp them.

We have no evidence on the point; and, as the poet was no doubt free to remodel the material as he thought fit, even in following his original he was making a deliberate artistic choice.]

Hers is a foolish choice.

I was certainly to be congratulated, for I had become possessed of a lovely and noble woman, and as I gazed upon her as she stood beside me arrayed in her wedding costume, I indeed felt proud of her; and from that time to this I have always thought that I made a most fortunate choice for a life partner.

Most people prefer the latter,an unaccountable choice.

And since he was the only little fellow around, he was the obvious choice to provide the spittle for the concoctionwhich he did with great delight.

You enjoy the highest, because the truest, honor of being the first Magistrate by the unanimous choice of the freest people on the face of the earth.

Then did I know what spells of infinite choice, To rouse or lull, hath the sweet human voice; Then did I seem to seize the sudden clue To that grand troublous Life Antiqueto view, Under the rockstand of Demosthenes, Mutable Athens heave her noisy seas.

Yet the post of ambassador is one which might have been supposed to have been farther removed from the supervision of Parliament than that of a minister, an ambassador being in a special degree the personal representative of the sovereign, and the sovereign therefore, having, it might be supposed, a right to a most unfettered choice in such a matter.

It is splendidly illuminated, and is the Café par excellence, frequented by those ladies who have made the opposite choice to that of Hercules, and who, taking into consideration the shortness and uncertainty of life, dedicate it entirely to pleasure, reflecting that Laggiù nell' Inferno, Nell' obblio sempiterno, In sempiterno orrore, Non si parla d'amore.

Were it not a far more glorious choice, To bend in homage to our royal lord, And swell the princely splendors of his court, Than sit at home, the peer of your own vassals, And share the judgment-seat with vulgar clowns? ATTING.

An effective choice has only been given to a tiny class of hereditary property owners, or a few organisers of other men's labour.

He had accustomed himself to such accuracy in his common conversation, that he at all times expressed his thoughts with great force, and an elegant choice of language, the effect of which was aided by his having a loud voice, and a slow deliberate utterance.

For, though we have ample choice of terms, and may frequently assign to particular words a meaning and an explanation which are in some degree arbitrary; yet whenever we attempt to define things under the name which custom has positively fixed upon them, we are no longer left to arbitrary explications; but are bound to think and to say that only which shall commend itself to the understanding of others, as being altogether true to nature.

itude, but the indiscreet choice.

Englishmen sometimes wonder why there are so many Royal princes in Germanywhy it is that when a vacant throne has to be filled, or a husband to be found for a princess of royal standing, Germany seems to provide such an inexhaustible choice.

In luminosity of style, in nobleness of conception, in the almost infallible choice of words, this astonishing fragment easily takes first place in Stevenson's productions.

These works he performed alone; for his colleague, overwhelmed with shame by reason of the infamous and unworthy choice made of senators, had abdicated his office.

but it is the insipid Choice which has been made by those who have the Care of young Women, that the Marriage State it self has been liable to so much Ridicule.

In these come out all Mr. Tennyson's instinctive choice of tone, his mastery of language, which always fits the right word to the right thing, and that word always the simplest one, and the perfect ear for melody which makes it superfluous to set to music poetry which, read by the veriest schoolboy, makes music of itself.

INSTRUMENTSThe choice of instruments will depend largely upon the character of the work intended.

There seem to be good grounds for supposing that this is a true specific instinct, and not merely the result of habit or of the intellectual choice of means for satisfying the desire of power.

The margin wherein intelligent choice plays a part is very small....

Five among them, Tennessee, Kentucky, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland, at that time took an intermediate position by making an intermediate choice: Mr. Bell.

The credit of the selection and its successful management has been popularly awarded to Francis P. Blair, senior, famous as the talented and powerful newspaper lieutenant of President Jackson; but it was rather an intuitive popular choice, which at the moment seemed so appropriate as to preclude necessity for artful intrigue.

Methought with wondrous ease he swallowed down His forfeit honour, to betray the town: My inward choice was Guyomar before,

All sin is foolish upon many accounts; as proceeding from ignorance, error, inconsiderateness, vanity; as implying weak judgment, and irrational choice; as thwarting the dictates of reason, and best rules of wisdom; as producing very mischievous effects to ourselves, bereaving us of the chief goods, and exposing us to the worst evils.

It is God's knowing choice of life against man's ignorant choice of death.

In the most important event in her lifemarriageher choice is never consulted.

The unfettered development, the limitless choice of accessories, the confidence, the self-esteem, the sureness of expression, the simplicity of purpose, the ease of executionall these produce a certain effect of beauty behind which one really cannot get to measure length of nose, or brilliancy of eye.

His literary choice dictated by such considerations, Mr. Jones picked his way delicately across the platforms till he reached his compartment, into the corner of which he stretched himself luxuriously and prepared to enjoy his book.

Hurried across the strip of narrow pavement, and shut in immediately, I had no time to identify localitiesno choice, except to follow my conductor and blindly pursue the adventure to its close.

And if we want a due motive for such lofty choice Epictetus will supply it.

"The earth late choak'd with showers, Is now array'd in green, Her bosom springs with flowers, The air dissolves her teen; The woods are deck'd with leaves, And trees are clothed gay, And Flora, crown'd with sheaves, With oaken boughs doth play; The birds upon the trees Do sing with pleasant voices, And chant, in their degrees, Their loves and lucky choices.

You felt it in the sound of his voice, the very charm of his intonation, his lyrical choice of words.

It's a manly choice of a manly life.

You are as good, as fine, as noble as any manmy choice, sir, of all the men in the world!...

Having made this mental choice, God next proceeds to what Leibnitz calls his act of consequent or decretory will: he says 'Fiat' and the world selected springs into objective being, with all the finite creatures in it to suffer from its imperfections without sharing in its creator's atoning vision.

Marriage, in this country at least, is the result of mutual choice.

I sit To hear Thy gentle voice; And lowly at Thy feet, Share Mary's nappy choice: Speak as Thou wilt, but speak within, And make my nature wholly clean.

that voice Confines you to a narrow choice.

I undressed leisurely, and putting about me the pareu Lovaina had given me, I threw the light upon the two beds to make my nightly choice.

I am induced to think that he entered into orders, more from some private and fixed resolution, than from absolute choice: Be that as it may, he performed the duties of the church with great punctuality, and a decent degree of devotion.

An odd choice, destined, as will be seen, to lead to a good deal of bloodshed later on.

In Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia the people had a complete, and in Massachusetts and New Hampshire a partial, choice.

His thoughts once set in that direction, his peculiar choice of subject and method of treatment are easily comprehensible.

"Lady," he cried, "O dear lady bethink thee, now, bethink thee, thy choice is a perilous choice" "Yet is it my choice, Godric.

It involves that necessity for perpetual choice which is the kind of labor men have always dreaded.

Reactive tendencies which appear are: (a) persistent choice of the end boxes followed, subsequently, by (b) the tendency to locate the middle box directly.

It was a perverse choice, for nothing could be imagined more triste and silent.

It is a splendid method, as it gives the flatterer an opportunity of talking about something else besides the subject of the flattery, and it gives the subject of the flattery a rich, if somewhat bewildered, mental glow, as of one who has somehow gone through agonies of philosophical choice of which he was previously unaware.

The poet-novelist is apt to put into his prose a good deal of the same charm and the same picturesque choice of phrase and image that characterize his verse; while it does not follow that the novelist who at times writes verselike George Eliot, for examplesucceeds in giving a distinctly poetic quality to prose, or even wishes to do so.

I'll have his sister here presently, as like as not, and a pleasant little choice between breaking my orders and making an enemy of her for life.

When his Odes were first published, Gray perceived the author to be devoid of invention, but praised him for a very poetical choice of expression, and for a good ear, and even thus perhaps a little over-rated his powers.

and yet, if I doubted a return in love, let me perish if I should know how to wish you mine!Give me hope, dearest creature, give me but hope, that I am your preferable choice!